Accessing Gmail with Gspace from Firefox / Fast Dial

Please also see Mafia Penguin's Tutorial Using Gspace


Gspace is a really useful tool.
It allows you to store those really essential files for use after a crash.

A sort of disc drive in the sky, that one can access almost as easily as ones Gmail account

What gspace does is to enable one to use the free space in one's gmail acoount to store files.
The files are stored as attachments in the mail

It is clear that one needs to have a Gmail email account in order to use gspace

1. Download the Firefox Extension

One can go to thiis URl and download "Gspace"

Similarly one can just go to AMO and download the Gspace extenision.

The result is the same

This Firefox Extension allows one to access gmail/gspace easily

2. Logging in to gspace

Once one has loaded the extension on can access GS by going Tools/Gspace

This takes one to the Gspage Page.
(it somehow reminded me of using Laplink )
Looks like this:
(click to expand)
Screenshot_-_17_11_2009_,_02_33_47.png - Picamatic - upload your images

The important thing first of all is to somehow log into Gspace.

On the gspace page click on Manage accounts

You will see this popup menu

In gmail ID enter one's gmail email address

Enter also one's gmail account password and select remember password

Hit add and then close popup (top right)

Next time you log onto gsave you should see your email appear to the right of the words Manage Accounts.

To login click on Login

Once one has logged in if one has any files in Gspace they will become visible

(I did see it mentioned somewhere that it is helps to have the following setting enabled in Gmail
Don't always use https)

Once one is logged in things are much easier

3. Gspace and Fast Dial

The first thing one notices is that ones url when logged in to Gspace becomes:

So one is actually accessing a file in the Gspace extension in the Firefox Profile, in order to interface with Gmail

For Fast Dial users this is important to know , as it allows one to set the URL for a cell with this URL and not bother anymore with Tools/gspace.
I found it necessary to put a Logo in the cell otherwise the cell refreshes endlessly.

To find a good Fast Dial logo search UL Logos under Gspace**ALL**&filter2=**...

(For other information on Chrome URLs and Fast DIal please see loading Chrome URLs into a Fast Dial cell)

So now one is set up and on can discover the real use of gspace.

4. Using Gspace

The left space one can browse to whatever part of one computer one wants
on the right space are the gspace files
One can make directories, open them and simply copy from left to right (or right to left) by pressing the arrows.

When files are being transferred there is a display that shows the progress

It is useful to remember that there is a refresh icon and that one can refresh the directories as one sees fit.

5. Setting up filters in Gmail to filter out Gspace messages coming to your inbox. (they are archived)

You may well notice gspace messages turning up in your Inbox

There are clear instructions as to how to set up the filter in Gmail

Tried this.
Gmail seems to reconise the mail to filter, but still turns up in my pop3 mail
Have not resolved this yet

Some links to gspace articles on the net