Background cannot be saved in Fast Dial 2.23b1

It is possible that there is a bug in Fast Dial 2.23b1 when used with Firefox 3.6

The symptom is that a new Background cannot be loaded into a theme where a background is already present

Bug first noted here

On my system , this bug is only apparent in Firefox 3.6

As the default setting in Themes has no background it is possible therefore to load a background into defaults.

However this is inconvenient, as the settings all have to be reset to match ones personal settings.

My suggestion as a temporary workaround is to create a template of all ones settings from defaults and save it as a theme (without a background) called template for example.

each time one wants to load a new background after that, go to Template, load background and then rename Template* with name of background.


It would appear that themes itself is not effected, so one can import a complete theme and the background is saved just fine...

Downloading and Installing Themes in Fast Dial

Apologies none of the images show up as Picamatic has failed.

To find Themes on Userlogos please look at the top of the Userlogos Page and click on Themes.

If you click on Themes it will take you to the Themes page:

(please click on this image to enlarge)

Screenshot_-_12_01_2009_,_08_30_16.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Once on that Page you can search making use of the different fields.
Please note that there is a resolution field so you can chose a field to match your own computer .

Or of course you can simply browse through the themes, if there are not so many.


Once you have found a Theme that you would like to try then please do the following:

Click on the zip of the theme that you wish to download.(please see cursor arrow in pic)
Hopefully you will be given the option to download (this does not always work at the moment)

Download the file to a Folder (in Windows,Mac, Ubuntu) where you can store your Themes


The next step is to install your downloaded Theme into Fast Dial

To do that right click on your Fast Dial screen and click on Preferences

Then go to the Appearances/Theme Page

Once on that page click on Import and browse to your downloaded Themes Folder.

And select your downloaded File and Import

Once you have that Theme that you have imported select it in Themes and the Theme should show.
It should have the same name as the zip.
It would seem on this occasion to be slightly different

Good Luck !


Making and saving a Theme in Fast Dial

To make a Theme in Fast Dial 2.15

To make a theme please do the following

(For making a number of themes I would suggest making a Template)

Go to Preferences/Themes

Once in themes got to Default

These are the Default Settings for Fast Dial.

Set up your own settings

And load your Background and Back Cell Image.

You are now ready to save your Settings as a Theme.

Fast Dial will have opened a new Theme called Default*

This signals that the original Default has been changed.

The original Default remains


Rename Default* to the name of the Theme that you have just made and would like to save


And save

This will create a .zip file on your Hard Disk
This will be your new Theme

It will contain your Background Image, your back cell image, and a file Styles.css which oontains your Custom Appearance Settings.

Also saved to the same Themes folder will be a Preview Image of your Theme.
This can be uploaded if you wish to upload your Theme to Userlogos.


If at any point you need to restore your Theme go to Import
Browse for backed up .zip


Previously Backed up .zip will now show as a Theme with the name that you gave it.

Select the theme you have imported and all your preferred Appearance Settings will be restored as well as the background and back cell image of that Theme.





If you are interested in making a number of Themes I would suggest that you make a Theme called


To create such a Theme go to Default

Type in you all your Custom Appearance Settings as well as your preferred back cell image.

The Theme you are in now will have become Default*

Rename default* as Template and Export.

That will give you a backup copy.

From the moment you have made Template, just enter Template, load in a new background, make any other changes you deem necessary, rename the Theme with rename and save.

This is very quick.


Themes - Basic Functions

When you start up Fast Dial for the first time, and right click on the Fast Dial page.

There will be a three themes already put into Fast Dial by telega.

These will be display settings

The most basic is defaults
These are the default settings in Fast Dial.

The other two are
telega - metallic
telega - transparent
(These are guidelines, if you not want these themes they can be deleted)

You can modify these Themes as well and re-name as you wish.

any theme that is modified in any way becomes old name + a star (*)
This can then be renamed to suit.

If you use Default as a starting point and then enter your own settings with your own background (and maybe back Logo) then your new Theme/Settings will be named default"(star)

You can rename that default*(star) by any name you chose.

So, lets say you call it personal-settings.

If you change any setting now in personal-settings, it will become personal-settings*(star)

If you prefer your newly modified personal-settings*(star) to the old personal-settings then rename personal-settings*(star) as personal-settings, and delete the previous personal-settings.

OK so you have your preferred set up (background and display settings) in personal-settings.

If you decide you want to just change the background then go to appearance/page, and load a new background into image.

personal-settings will have again become personal-settings* (as well as your fast dial page changing)

rename the file which is now called personal-settings* with the name of your new background.

So you will now have two Themes in your fast dial

New background name

Instead of adding a new background you may want a different set of display settings; alter as you want from your original personal-settings settings and rename personal-settings* to describe your new settings.

and rename as new settings (or whatever you want)

so you will now have
new background name
new settings name

so already now you have three themes in Fast Dial

more to follow...

Uploading a Fast Dial Theme to Userlogos

Once your Theme is finished and saved, please do the following:


Click on Submit Theme on the left of you Userlogos page.

This will take you to the Submit Theme page


Once there

Name your theme in Title


Upload a new Image

Browse for the Theme Preview Image that you created when you Exported your theme from Fast Dial Theme.png


Attach new File

Browse for the Theme itself


You are also prompted for you resolution.

If you are uncertain about that please go to this site

Screen Resolution

(thank you Mafi0z)


Once you have filled out the above fields you can enter some more General comments below in the Body field, like where the background originated and so on


Then hit submit and you are done.