Themes - Basic Functions

When you start up Fast Dial for the first time, and right click on the Fast Dial page.

There will be a three themes already put into Fast Dial by telega.

These will be display settings

The most basic is defaults
These are the default settings in Fast Dial.

The other two are
telega - metallic
telega - transparent
(These are guidelines, if you not want these themes they can be deleted)

You can modify these Themes as well and re-name as you wish.

any theme that is modified in any way becomes old name + a star (*)
This can then be renamed to suit.

If you use Default as a starting point and then enter your own settings with your own background (and maybe back Logo) then your new Theme/Settings will be named default"(star)

You can rename that default*(star) by any name you chose.

So, lets say you call it personal-settings.

If you change any setting now in personal-settings, it will become personal-settings*(star)

If you prefer your newly modified personal-settings*(star) to the old personal-settings then rename personal-settings*(star) as personal-settings, and delete the previous personal-settings.

OK so you have your preferred set up (background and display settings) in personal-settings.

If you decide you want to just change the background then go to appearance/page, and load a new background into image.

personal-settings will have again become personal-settings* (as well as your fast dial page changing)

rename the file which is now called personal-settings* with the name of your new background.

So you will now have two Themes in your fast dial

New background name

Instead of adding a new background you may want a different set of display settings; alter as you want from your original personal-settings settings and rename personal-settings* to describe your new settings.

and rename as new settings (or whatever you want)

so you will now have
new background name
new settings name

so already now you have three themes in Fast Dial

more to follow...