How to make your Fast Dial / Firefox page transparent with the help of Pitaschio

Learned about Pitaschio today from Jumpordie in this thread

This is a great discovery !

Not only will Pitaschio allow you to make your Fast Dial Page transparent, it will allow you to make any Firefox page transparent, in fact any windows app transparent, so you can see your desktop and any other stuff running underneath....

However it is important to realise that this does not just effect the Fast Dial background, but the whole Firefox page.

So the Logos in the Fast Dial cells are made transparent as well

To download Pitaschio please go here

Pitaschio download and install information

Pitaschio Manual from Home page

Very helpful link about Pitaschio

Another helpful link

Yet another great link


Once you have configured Pitaschio it runs in the background,

If one runs the pitaschio program itself or if one right clicks the Pitasccio Icon in the System Tray and clicks on settings

one is offered a configuration menu

If you look on this configuration menu you can see the transparency setting.
Adjust transparency by wheel
It is set to on by default

scroll the centre wheel of the mouse while over the title bar at the top of the windows page and you should be able to vary transparency,

see below under Transparency

click on Setting of Mouse shortcuts (bottom right) and this menu appears:

The great thing about how this program is made, is not only does it offer all these mouse shortcut options as default, but you can most easily modify tthe settings to your own personal preference and apply, thereby have your own custom settings tailored to your own needs.

click on setting of autoraise and this little menu appears

click on manage windows and this menu appears:


It would appear that to alter the transparency of any windows application it is only necessary to move the centre wheel on the mouse while the cursor is over the windows titlebar at the top of the page of the application one is in

to quote:

I’ve saved the best for last. This is by far the feature I use the most. On the fly transparency adjustment for most windows (I say most because there are possibly some windows that don’t like being forced transparent but I haven’t come across any yet).

Not only is this feature useful it is also very easy to use: you simply place your mouse cursor over the title bar of a window and scroll the mouse wheel. Up for less transparent, down for more transparent. And to prevent windows getting lost, Pitaschio includes a transparency limit but even then the window is very hard to see.

It is worth noting that Pitaschio does not come with an installer
The result of this is that Picaschio does not load automatically in Windows on startup.
So has to be reset if transparency is wanted in Firefox.

To get round this:

Startup Folder

If you would like to run Pitaschio whenever you use windows, I recommend that you put shortcut to the Pitaschio.exe in the Startup Folder of Windows. The location of the Startup Folder is as follows:

c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

This seems to work well, especially if one is also showing Pitaschio Icon in the System tray..
Very easy then to access settings

Pitaschio enables the setting up of a whole lot of other settings in relation to the mouse.
Double click minimise (size remembered) double click maximise, on the windows titlebar, is very useful;

If you wish to set up Pitaschio to run in Launchy, please see below

I set up Pitaschio to run in Firefox using the Firefox Extension Launchy.

Maybe this is not necessary, but I like to run windows apps in this way.

So added this string to the launchy.xml in chrome

C:\Program Files\Pitaschio\Pitaschio.exe

I do not know into which folder you will load Pitaschio in windows, so please check that your own location is matched by a correct string for your setup before saving your xml file

Once the xml is set up and working, click on the Launchy icon in Firefox and select Pitaschio to run

It is interesting to note that if one hovers on the Pitaschio icon in the tray that it gives the age of the moon...

Pitaschio is the creation of a free spirit