How to use the Pixlr Grabber Extension

In this tutorial I will be explaining how to use Pixlr Grabber, which is an extension for Firefox that supplements the free online editor Pixlr. Background This extension provides an easy way to 1) Take screenshots of websites, and 2) Easily edit any image online without having to open it in an external program. Tutorial Here's how to install Pixlr Grabber: 1) First, install it via this page: It works with Firefox 1.5-9*. Click Install, then restart Firefox. 2) Once installed, you can access the screenshot taking options via a button on the toolbar, or the editing options via the right click context menu. *Important: To see the button, drag the pixlr grabber icon(The yellow G) to the toolbar from firefox's customize dialog * How to take a Screenshot: 1) Click on the button dropdown and select one of the options there. (I selected grab the entire page) Note: If you click on the main part of the button it will go directly into the "grab a defined area" option. 2) Then a couple options to save or edit the capture will pop up. How to edit an image: The best feature, I think of this extension is the ability to edit any image directly from the browser. 1) Right click an image, and select the edit image option: 2) It will then bring you to the pixlr online editor, where you can customize the image as much as you want. Also make sure to check out the options for Pixlr Grabber:

Thanks for reading!