Transparent Logos on UL - Black to a finer checkerboard - chiaroscuro

Posted by chiaroscuro

The below is a developement of an original proposal by Mafi0z here.

This was then developed to make this Style.

This Style will allow you to view all Transparent Logos on UL with a background custom colour of your choice.
It will also show a checkerboard background on Hover to confirm that the Logo is indeed Transparent.

Please change the background colour in this line to suit your own background

For the effect of this Style on a transparent Userlogos Logo (by Grawl) please see bottom of page

background: black !important;

Help in using Stylish

This is the Style. Please copy paste into Stylish.

* Modification of original Code written by of Mafi0z (

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {

.node .content .field-type-image img

background: #202020 !important;

.node .content .field-type-image img:hover

background: #eee url('') 0 0 repeat !important;


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