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It's all Text is extremely useful.


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It's all Text is a facilator, a link.

It allows you to use you favourite Text editor, just where you thought you could never use it .

To set up It's All Text all you need to do is the following:


The next all important step is to set up in IAT which Text editor you want to use with IAT

Screenshot_-_01_11_2008_,_06_39_40.png - Picamatic - upload your images

There are many Text Editors

I happen to like
EditPad Classic

There is also EditPad Lite

Many technical users really like

The great thing about It's all Text is that you can chose any Text Editor you want.

The single most useful place for IAT's use has to be the
Stylish Manage Styles Window


For the moment I find that any later version of IAT than 0.8.5 does not appear in the Stylish window

Screenshot_-_01_11_2008_,_06_59_09.png - image uploaded to Picamatic


Let us imagine you want to use Valacar's Google Image dark grey redesign

You will need however to change the code to use for any another country but America.
That means changing in the code every example of to your own country code.
This could be a major hassle.

Download to Stylish
Copy paste to Editor
Copy from editor.
Open original Style.
Remove previous content
Paste amended Version

IAT makes thing easier

Find Style on Userstyles
Hit go as if to load into Stylish.
No need to save.
Hit advanced if it not already selected
Load into "it's all text"
Screenshot_-_28_10_2008_,_09_22_42.png - Picamatic - upload your images

In one fell swoop that will take all the text that appears in the Stylish Edit Window straight into your favourite text editor.
There you can do the "find and replace".
Close your text editor
(hit save if prompted)
You will now find yourself back in the Stylish window,
Then hit the Stylish Window save.
And all is done.

You will have edited the file before even it was saved into Stylish

This is a very elegant.


Another scenario

You are on Userlogos
You want to write a post

Screenshot_-_29_10_2008_,_00_31_23.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Have a careful look at this picture.
If one puts one's cursor inside the Edit Box, a little blue marker appears bottom right.
On it is written the word EDIT.
Click on that blue button, and yes you are immediately placed in your favourite text editor.
Compose the post
Exit you text editor, and all that you have written will appear in the Userlogos Window.
This is really great.

Works also in Personal Mail as well.