Rounder Cells in FD2 - Fast Dial

This Style was first posted on the Mozilla Russia Fast Dial Forum by Lain_13 here in English. (here in Russian)

What this Style does is to allow the user to make the border of each cell rounder in FD 2 .

This whole matter is described in detail in Mafi0z Tutorial Rounder Fast Dial Cells

The great usefulness of this style is if you like to have a change of background colour in a cell on hover, then this style will enable you to have a rounded cell just on hover, this will then create a coloured rounded cell.
This is somehow more elegant and makes a change from the square.

This also of course works well if you have a blank transparent logo loaded in a cell.
Works well too if opacity of the resulting colour is changed on hover as well.


( If you already have Stylish installed skip to Step 3 )
1. Download Stylish: Link.
2. Restart Firefox
select/copy all the code below
3. Right Click Stylish icon in bottom right corner on the status bar
4. Choose "Manage Styles"
5. Click "Write new Style/Blank"
Give a title to the Style
Paste in the code into the Window
then save


@namespace url(;

@-moz-document url-prefix(chrome://fastdial/content/)

-moz-border-radius: 10px !important;


*Change the -moz-border-radius value to suit.