Fully Transparent Logos

NOTE: Firefox 2 seems to have an issue using transparent background on the Logos. You can still use the logos - but you will have to choose a background color. FireFox 3 supports the logos being fully transparent, so the background may be seen. Note: If you do not want a fully transparent fast dial like in the example below, and just want to be able to use transparent logos see: Link. _________________________________ Hey all! In this tutorial you will learn how to make your FastDial look really cool by using transparent logos. Heres an example: (Click to Englarge) Photobucket So how do you Fast Dial to look like this? Follow these Steps: Setting up Fast Dial: 1. Go to you Fast Dial Preferences. 2. Change Scale Method to "default" 3. Go to "Appearance" Tab 4. Change the settings to the following: (Click to enlarge)

Finding a Transparent Logo: To browse the transparent logos available on this site, do the following: 1. Click "Logos" in the Top Menu.
2. Select "Transparent" for the Theme.
3. Once you find the logo you need...Right click it and choose either: "Save Image As.." or "Copy Image Location"

Back to Fast Dial: 1. Right click a "cell" and go to its properties.. 2. Fill in the information, and use "transparent" for Background color.
Click "OK" and you should be done. _________________________________ If you want to make your fast dial boxes more round - read this: Link Post Questions and/or Comments in the Suggestions Forum.