Base64 image decoder /image maker

This is about a useful little Windows program for making an image out of a Base64 string.

To download the program please go here


This is what the program looks like


Using the program

Find your code, select and copy paste into the base64 window.

The first thing to realise is that with this decoder the string that you should enter should be stripped of everything except the bas64 code itself
Nothing else

so none of this:data:image/png;base64

See image above.

Be careful about this
Head and tail.

Best to edit this stuff out in the Base64 window as it easy to control, even with large amounts of code


Find it best to save to a particular file in a particular folder

To do this go to search select a folder and name your file and hit save

Once you have named your file and the address of the file is showing in the window hit decode.

And you are done

Hopefully, you should then find your image waiting for you in the Folder that you saved to.

Good luck !