Downloading and Installing Themes in Fast Dial

Apologies none of the images show up as Picamatic has failed.

To find Themes on Userlogos please look at the top of the Userlogos Page and click on Themes.

If you click on Themes it will take you to the Themes page:

(please click on this image to enlarge)

Screenshot_-_12_01_2009_,_08_30_16.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Once on that Page you can search making use of the different fields.
Please note that there is a resolution field so you can chose a field to match your own computer .

Or of course you can simply browse through the themes, if there are not so many.


Once you have found a Theme that you would like to try then please do the following:

Click on the zip of the theme that you wish to download.(please see cursor arrow in pic)
Hopefully you will be given the option to download (this does not always work at the moment)

Download the file to a Folder (in Windows,Mac, Ubuntu) where you can store your Themes


The next step is to install your downloaded Theme into Fast Dial

To do that right click on your Fast Dial screen and click on Preferences

Then go to the Appearances/Theme Page

Once on that page click on Import and browse to your downloaded Themes Folder.

And select your downloaded File and Import

Once you have that Theme that you have imported select it in Themes and the Theme should show.
It should have the same name as the zip.
It would seem on this occasion to be slightly different

Good Luck !