Using Logos from UserLogos

In this tutorial I will teach you how to use to use logos found on this site.

in order for fast dial to use the logos on this site, they have to be downloaded to your computer. Let's make a folder that can store the logos that you download.
You can store the logo anywhere on your computer but "my pictures" and "my documents" are the two most common places to store logos.

I store my logos in my document and that is what i am going to show here but you can easily store them in my picures. If you want to store them in my pictures whenever I say to click on my documents click on my pictures instead.

Table of Contents
Create a folder to store your logos
Search for a logo on userlogos
download a logo to your computer
Use downloaded logos in fastdial

Create a folder to store your logos

Step #1
Click on the start menu and then click “My Documents”


Step #2

A window will appear. Right click on an empty space, then click on new, and then click on folder.

This will create the folder that we are going to put the logos in.

Step #3

On your keyboard hit the “Backspace” key and then type in “Fastdial logos” and then hit the enter key.

Step #4 (Search for a logo on userlogos)
Now that you have a folder to put the your logos in, we can go to userlogos and find some logos for it.

Open firefox and then go to the userlogos web site.

Step #5

On the front page there is a tab in the upper right-hand corner that says logos (highlighted in red in the picture), click on it.

Step #6

Now search for the logo that you want in the search box.

Step #7

If you see the logo that you want, click on it. If not go to the logo request forum ( and ask someone to make the logo.

Step #8 (download a logo to your computer)

Next, a page will open that shows the logo that you want, except larger. Some pages will show several logos and others will just show logo.

This page has two logos:

Step #9

Right click on the image that you would like to use.

A menu will appear. Click on the “Save image as” button.

Step #10

A window will open that is titled “Save Image”. We will now use the folder that you created earlier.

Double click on your user name. (On my computer it is Ingalls).

Step #11

Now scroll down until you find a folder that is called documents.

Double click on it.

Step #12

We are now in the documents folder that we visited earlier in this tutorial. Find the folder that you made (It should be called Fastdial logos) and then double click on it.

Step #13

Now save the image by clicking “Save”

Step #13 (Use downloaded logos in fastdial)

Now we will add the logo to fast dial.

Open up a new tab by going to file and then clicking new tab or by typing CTRL + T on your keyboard.

Step #14

The fast dial page will appear.

Step #15

Find the website that you want the logo for and then right click on it. A menu will appear. Click on properties.

Step #16

A window will open that has the properties of the image. Click on the advanced tab.

Step #17

Click on the button that has three periods. (Highlighted below)

Step #18

In the window that opens, double click on the image that you want.

Step #19

Click “OK”

Step #20

There you go. You have just learned how to replace a screenshot with a logo.