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Simple tool for replacing an image on a Web Page with an image of your choice


Change Google Logo

1. Right click on Google Logo

2. Select My image here / Load image here in context menu

3. Browse for replacement Logo on your hard disk

4. Click on open and you have a new Google Logo

Change the Userlogos Site Logo

Right click on UL Logo

Browse for replacement

Click on Open and and Bingo !

A new Logo for Userlogos

I have wanted to do that for a long time !

Also there is useful option to force resize.
And also the option to remove inserted image with remove option.
and also remove all my images from this page.

Very simple and easy to use program.

Highly recommended

Can also be used a little like Adblock Plus.
If there is a repeated image that you find tiresome on a Blog or a Forum, you can replace it with an image of your choice (a transparent blank image maybe)

However many times that particular image appears on that URL, it will always be replaced with the image of your choice. :-)

It is my experience that the Extension NoScript interferes with the working of My Image Here.
Please be aware of that.