Using Transparent Logos

Note: I decided to have two separate tutorials. One on having your fast dial fully transparent, and one on just using transparent logos (with a background color) ______________________________ Hey all! I've noticed that not everyone knows how to use transparent logos.. Some dont even know what they are, so ill do my best to explain. Logos which are Transparent do not have a set background. What does this mean? It means that the user is able to change the background color of the logo directly in Fast Dial! Here's an example using transparent logos to make fastdial all black: (Click to Englarge) Photobucket Here's an example using transparent logos to colorize fastdial: (Click to Englarge) Photobucket So how do you choose the background color of transparent logos? Follow these Steps: Setting up Fast Dial: 1. Go to you Fast Dial Preferences. 2. Change Scale Method to "default" 3. Go to "Appearance" Tab 4. Modify the following settings: Cell: transparent transparent Image: transparent transparent Note: This is optional! You may modify any field to your liking! (you may use "transparent" in any field)

Finding a Transparent Logo: To browse the transparent logos available on this site, do the following: 1. Click "Logos" in the Top Menu.
2. Select "Transparent" for the Theme.
3. Once you find the logo you need...Right click it and choose either: "Save Image As.." or "Copy Image Location"

Back to Fast Dial: 1. Right click a "cell" and go to its properties.. 2. Fill in the information, and choose Background color.
Click "OK" and you should be done. Note: If you will be using a single color for ALL your logos - it is better to choose that color in the "Image" field in the Appearance tab of Fast Dial Preferences, and use "transparent" for individual cells. (Firefox 3 !) _________________________________ If you want to make your fast dial boxes more round - read this: Link Post Questions and/or Comments in the Suggestions Forum.