Black on Black reflection - Fireworks CS4

Reflections tutorial provided here thanks to: sjdvda
read first!

Allright, heres a little trick on how to make black-on-black reflections work in Fireworks CS4

Group your objects, copy-paste them, flip them vertically and position them where you want them to be.
Also Arrange the object "To back"
Complete the Commands - Creative - Auto Vector mask ( as described: Commands > Creative > Fade Image ) command and adjust the reflection until youre happy with it.

Now select Photoshop Live effects.
The effect you're looking for is "Outer Glow"

Set the color to White ( #FFFFFF )
Oppacity to 20 - 40% ( I set it at 25 - 30% )
Technique to softer
Size to 0 ( allthough we're using "outer glow" we dont want it to be visible outside the object )
Spread is also 0
Range to 100 ( this will make the glow soft )
Jitter to 0

Heres an example of what it looks like

With the effect: ( set to 50% so the change becomes noticable right away )

Without the effect:

Its a subtle difference which will make a huge change when put on the fast-dial page