Using Fast Dial like Google Chrome (revisited)

The below does NOT work with Firefox 3.5 plus !!

Thanks to Ingalls for confirming this.

It is possible in Fast Dial to set your Fast Dial Page (root) to simply become your most visited Folder in Bookmarks.

This is somewhat limiting, but some users may want Fast Dial to work in this way.

To do this go Bookmarks/Organise Bookmarks
Look for the Folder Most Visited

Select the Most Visited Folder with the mouse, right click and in the context menu select Fast Dial make Home.

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To undo and return to your original settings, repeat the process but go to the Fast Dial Folder in Bookmarks and select Fast Dial Make Home.

If you find you do not have a most visited Folder in Bookmarks please see here

This is a picture of the setting to be changed in about:config
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Do not worry if you go back to about:config that the value has reset to 1 after you have set it to zero !

The Most Visited Folder will then be be found in Bookmarks Toolbar, which can be found in Bookmarks/Organise Bookmarks (see above)

Many thanks