Setting up and Using RSS Feeds on Userlogos

There has been an interest shown of how RSS Feeds work on Userlogos

Below is a preliminary draft that will be further edited over the next few days

You will note that when for example you go to a page of Userlogos

For example Logos.

that in the address bar you will see this favicon/logo*:

This is to let you know that an RSS Feed is available for that page of Userlogos.

(RSS Feeds are not available for all pages of userlogos !)

RSS Feeds enable one to save a Live bookmark of a specific Userlogos Page to the toolbar easily.

For example let us go to Logos/New Logos

Left click on RSS Favicon in the Address Bar

and you will be offered two choices
1) Subscribe to a Piclens Feed
2) Subscribe to a New Logos (strangely it says

Let us click on the second option (for piclens see bottom of this page)

Once one has clicked on the second option then a small pop up menu will appear

Subscribe to Live Bookmarks

This offers as first choice to save the link to the Bookmarks toolbar

So if we hit Subscribe then the link will be saved to the bookmarks toolbar

Let us do this

All done

Once one has saved the Live Bookmark Link to the Bookmarks toolbar, if one left clicks on the link in the toolbar, one is offered a number of options of how to open the page.

On for example the New Logos Page, you will see a drop down list appear below the bookmarks toolbar link, of all the logos on the page.

This will enable you to view the logo of your choice

Below that you will see the option

Open Userlogos New Logos
(This will open the page in the normal manner)

You will also be given the option to open all the logos (on that page) in new tabs.

If you set up live bookmarks for example on the Logo Requests page, you will have listed when you left click on the Live Bookmarks Link on the toolbar all the different requests on that page

However I have noticed that when you set up live bookmarks for a thread with a whole number of comments, although the comments are listed separately in the drop down menu when you left click on the bookmarks live bookmarks link, whichever comment one clicks on, one is just taken to the top of the thread


Piclens (gooliris) feed

From a preliminary examination of the Rss Piclens Feed, it would appear not to be working.

At the moment on Logos/New for example one is offered the possibility of setting up a Piclens link onto the bookmarks toolbar by left clicking on the Rss feed logo above.
And a link i saved to the toolbar.
However when one clicks on the link one option is marked empty and the other option does not open the piclens page that one would expect.

I hope to be able to get some help to understand why this is, and to discover if the situation can be remedied.

I will post here the result of my findings

RSS Logo courtesy Ingalls