The Toolbar Button


As of Fast Dial Version 2.9 the following option was added:

FD toolbar button is automatically added to toolbar upon installation (only once).

If for some reason you do not want the Fast Dial Toolbar to be visible then simply:

Right-click Firefox navigation bar and choose "Customize..." from the context menu - a window opens. Then drag-n-drop Fast Dial toolbar button from the navbar away into this window.

The button should never appear again.


For all earlier Version of Fast Dial 2.x and Fast Dial 1.x the following information is applicable


When you first load Fast Dial into Firefox a Fast Dial Icon Toolbar Button is automatically loaded at the same time.

However in order to make the Button visible in Firefox you have to do the following.

Right click on the Menu or Navigation Toolbar
And you will see:
custom.png - upload images with Picamatic

Click on Customise and you will see the Fast Dial Icon in the Customise Toolbar window.

ctool.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Put your cursor on the Fast Dial Icon and drag and drop it onto the Menu Toolbar.

A handy place to put the Icon is far right on your Menu Bar at the top right of your screen.

b.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Once you have placed the Icon where you want it, close the Customise window.

Once you have the Fast Dial button in place it is very handy.

Left mouse click on the Fast Dial Button opens Fast Dial in the present Tab.
Centre mouse click on the Fast Dial Button and Fast Dial opens in a New Tab.

This is a very useful function when you have lost sight of Fast Dial.
One click on the Fast Dial Button and Fast Dial should re-appear.

[There is a small problem using the toolbar button with FD 1.90 in FF3 see here ]