Migrating or Backing up your Firefox/Bookmarks/Fast Dial

It is my opinion that the easiest way to migrate the Fast Dial Profile is to use FEBE and simply make a Full Profile Backup from your present working Fast Dial.

This is a full Firefox Profile Backup so will include every aspect of your Firefox Profile.

And then make a Full Profile restore to your new empty Profile.

It is worth remembering if you are moving to a different Computer that FEBE makes a Full Profile Restore from another Profile to the one that one wants to restore.
So you may find it necessary to have two Profiles running to facilitate this. One profile to run Febe and the other to Restore your backed up Profile into.

If you do a FEBE Full Profile Backup and Restore, this will mean that your images stored in the Fastdial Folder and your settings stored in Bookmarks will all be effortlessly restored to your new Profile by FEBE.

Userlogos Tutorial


See also FEBE Documentation
link 1
link 2

Go the New Profile, open Firefox and the Fast Dial Page will open as it did in you previous Profile

This is very labour saving and gives a very satisfactory outcome.
This software is rock solid and easy to use.


This is the more traditional method of Migrating your Fast Dial Profile in Fast Dial Version 2.x


In Fast Dial 2.x running in Firefox 3.x all Fast Dial Settings are stored in Firefox Bookmarks.

That is your Page and Folder Information, your settings and the URLs

But NOT the Logos which are stored in the fastdial folder in the Firefox Profile.


It is useful to understand that the Fast Dial Folder in Bookmarks cannot be backed up and then restored in isolation, and that it is necessary in order to migrate the Fast Dial Folder to migrate the whole of Firefox Bookmarks.

So backing up and restoring of Fast Dial 2 is more a Firefox function than a Fast Dial Function.


1. Backup your Firefox Bookmarks

You will need to go to

Organize Bookmarks
Import and Backup
Backup function.

Backup your Bookmarks to a place of your choice.

2. In the Firefox profile in which you wish to load your Fast Dial settings, go to:

Organize Bookmarks
Import and Backup
Restore function

and restore the file that you had saved in 1.

This will among other things restore your Fast Dial Folder where all the Fast Dial information is stored.

33.png - Picamatic - upload your images

3 Once this is done and you return to Fast Dial, you should re-discover the Fast Dial Profile that you have just moved,

Another way to migrate your Fast Dial settings in Fast Dial 2.x for the more technically minded is available here.

Accessing Bookmarks Folders from Fast Dial

I have looked into the question of what address one enters in the URL Field to enable one to use these Logos.

This is all presupposes that one has Fast Dial set up as home in the fast dial folder in Bookmarks menu.

(Please see previous thread for method employed below)

My impression so far:

If one enters the below addresses as URL for a cell then these will then open like Folders.

It is my impression that:


opens the All Bookmarks Folder (will appear in fast dial mode)

Includes on Fast Dial Page (cells)

Bookmarks Menu
Bookmarks Toolbar
Unsorted Bookmarks

(so above logos could be used here !)
So one could stop there and use the logos on this fast dial page.

However it is also my impression that


opens bookmarks menu (will appear in fast dial mode (cells))

So this will include as cells all the folders in bookmarks menu

It is also my impression that:


is Bookmarks Toolbar (also shown in fast dial mode)

It is also my impression that:


is unsorted bookmarks (also shown in fast dial mode)

It sort of follows that


is tags (not yet confirmed)

Not so sure yet about recently bookmarked as it is a subfolder of bookmarks Menu, so can be reached from there.

Please use the back cell in these bookmark folders with caution.

It will not take you back to the fast dial root, as you are now in bookmarks folders and no longer in fast dial.
So you are now in the bookmarks hierarchical structure.
This is a little confusing at first !

many thanks

For your possible interest also:

Bookmarks Manager

Chrome URL
this works fine (takes one directly into bookmarks)

However this does not open Bookmarks in Fast Dial mode.

Regarding use of chrome xuls in Fast dial please see here:

Background will not load in Fast Dial

1. If you have a space in the background name, this creates a problem. So simplify the name of the background file and try again

2. I have found on my machine that I cannot change backgrounds, once I have loaded a background.
If I go to the default Style in Fast Dial Styles. which has no background.
So using default I have created another style which has all my usual settings and no background.
I call this style template.
So to use a new background I simply go to the style template, load in a background and then rename template* with the name of the background (in Preferences/Styles)

Creating a New Profile in Firefox

Close all versions of Firefox


In windows go to start (or hit Windows Icon + R on the keyboard)
then to run
in the run window type in firefox.exe -p

Screenshot_-_30_10_2008_,_21_29_15.png - upload images with Picamatic

hit OK
you should then get prompted by profile manager.

(if you have not closed all versions of Firefox you will not see the Profile manager, you will simply enter Firefox.)

select create profile |.............(you can also use this menu to delete a profile when you wish to)

Screenshot_-_30_10_2008_,_21_30_59.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

follow the prompts
create a name of your choice when prompted

select finish

you will then see the names of the profiles that you are running in Firefox.
select the one you want to run and hit start firefox

Screenshot_-_30_10_2008_,_21_40_09.png - upload images with Picamatic


So if you want later to change which profile you are in.
Close all Firefoxes

Go back to the run prompt.
What you have typed in previously should still be in the run Window, so no need to retype.
When you are in Profile manager select the profile that you want to use and hit start Firefox.
You will then be in the Profile of your choice.


Once you are in a particular Profile you can always use your usual Firefox icon to restart Firefox.
You will always remain in the same profile doing that until you change your profile again in the Profile manager.

You can also rename your present profiles following the prompts, to help clarify which is which, and also, but it is good to be careful, delete any profile you wish.


Downloading and loading an .XPI File to Firefox

On the prompt save xpi download the file and save to a Folder on your hard disk

Then go to Firefox
Go Tools/Add-ons
Open Add-ons Page
Restore down addons page (Make small)

Minimise Firefox

Go to Folder with downloaded xpi file
Restore down page (make smaller)

You will then have hopefully two smaller frames on your screen, the Add-ons page and the Folder with the xpi file in it

This will enable you to easily Drag and drop xpi onto the Add-ons Page

Follow prompts

Restart Firefox

Good luck !

Fast Dial 2.22b


Fast Dial 2.x problem with Autodhide.. (works fine in Fast Dial 1.x)

At the moment a bug report has been entered

Here is a link to the report:
Autohide Bug Report

Hopefully this bug will be resolved as it is can be reproduced.

Have posted here in case anyone is looking for information about this.

New inbuilt Fast Dial Autohide in Version 2.14.0

Fast Dial and Firefox 3.6 problem Installing Details

This problem was first discovered in this Userlogos thread

The symptoms, as can be seen from the thread, is that although it seems possible to load Fast Dial into Firefox, on Computer reboot Fast Dial does not work and is found to be incompatible.

This problem seems to being caused by Norton

Norton is force installing its own extensions into Firefox without asking the user, and to to enable this process is deleting extensions.rdf on computer bootup.

Norton has not yet come up for a fix to this whole issue.

For greater details of the whole problem please see this excellent thread in the Norton Support Forum here

As can be imagined this behaviour of Norton is very frustrating for fast dial users, as bar trying one of the fixes suggested, it is necessary to reload fast dial after every computer reboot !!

Fast Dial loads into Firefox, but disappears on computer reboot.

There have been a number of reports of this problem

On userlogos here

On the web here

This problem is not only experienced with Fast Dial, but with other extensions too,

as can be seen from these posts, the problem is being caused by Norton.

It would seem that Norton is deleting the file extensions.rdf in the Firefox Profile, on reboot of the computer.

This is being done to ensure that the Norton Firefox extensions are loaded into firefox.

The method used however may work for Norton, but is invasive and disruptive and works in a ham-fisted manner.

For the moment I have not heard of a fix of this problem coming from Norton.

Some users are removing the Norton extensions and then making extensions.rdf read only.

Might work short term, but is not that convenient.

But neither is reloading extensions after every computer reboot !!! :-)

Let us hope that Norton come up with a fix quickly.


Forced restore of Bookmarks in Firefox

This is a method which is built into Firefox for a forced restore of Bookmarks should they get corrupted

For a fuller examination of this subject please see here

This procedure makes uses of an internal functioning of Firefox.
If places.sqlite, which is the file where all Bookmarks are stored is deleted, Firefox automtically reconstructs a new Places.sqlite from its own automatic backups.[JSON}

To force this process to happen in the case of corrupted bookmarks.

1. First make sure that no Firefox Profiles are running at all on your computer.
2. Find the Corrupt Profile in question on your Hard Disk where you want to restore the bookmarks
3. When you find the right Profile look for the file places.sqlite, and also any places.sqlite-journal or places.sqlite.corrupt files.

And delete them.

Once deleted, exit your operating system, and simply re-start your Firefox.

On start up Firefox will automatically reconstitute your bookmarks [places.sqlite] from its own automated backup.

Hopefully you will find that your Bookmarks and your Fast Dial will have been automatically restored.

The only and rather small downside to this procedure is that past History will be erased.

Many thanks

How to load about:config into a Fast Dial 2.x Cell

Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_05_59_07.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Thanks to Mafi0z for starting me off on this.
Thanks to Mafia_Penguin for the Logos

For examples of other Chrome URLs that you could use in Fast Dial please see here

Fast Dial 1.x

It was a simple matter in Fast Dial 1.x to load about:config from a cell.
All one had to do was to enter about:config as the URL
And Fast Dial could derive an image of the Config file.
And the cell was immediately useable

This still continues to be the case with FD v1.90 in FF 3.0.4.


Fast Dial 2.x

However with Fast Dial v2.x for reasons that remain still unclear, entering about:config in the URL field for a cell in Properties Menu does not work.

If one enters about:config in the URL field of the cell, for some reason it is changed to about://config/.

This then in turn causes:

Screenshot_-_28_11_2008_,_05_42_08.png - image uploaded to Picamatic


To see different users feedback regarding this problem please see this post


A workaround to this problem is the following:


Instead of entering about:config in the URL Field in the Properties Menu
please enter the following:


This will work fine.

Screenshot_-_28_11_2008_,_18_01_20.png - Picamatic - upload your images

However you will also find that it is neccessary to use a custom image for the cell, for otherwise the cell will refresh endlessly and never load an image.
So please enter a custom image.


A number of great Logos have now been made by Mafia_Penguin especially for using with the about:config cell.
Please find here

When you have entered your Custom Image / Logo click OK and exit

Screenshot_-_28_11_2008_,_18_01_54.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Once the cell is ready, click on the finished cell.

Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_06_04_02.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

And about:config should open. (name visible in Tab)

Screenshot_-_27_11_2008_,_21_51_53.png - Picamatic - upload your images



about:config links

1 Link


Import/Export Fast Dial Folder in Bookmarks


Fast Dial 2.14
New Feature

Added Import/Export context menu item - rightclick on any bookmark folder (in bookmarks menu, sidebar or bookmark manager) and export/import it.


This is a very useful function as it enables one to backup and restore the Fast Dial Bookmarks Folder independently of the Main Bookmarks Folder.

I am going to document this here

Larger Tabs Fix - Fast Dial 2.15 and Tab Mix Plus

If you find that in 2.15 your tabs are very large it is because of the Fast Dial Toolbar button being in the Tab Bar.

On it's own it does no harm.

But Tab Mix Plus also puts an icon in the Tab Bar.

Two Icons means big tabs

To remove the Tab Mix Plus Icon please deselect the all tabs button in Tab Mix Plus


This whole matter has now been resolved thanks to hirsute and Tab Mix Plus

The two icons sit next to each other just fine in the latest Version of Tab Mix Plus

To download this new version of Tab Mix Plus please try here:

Thank you Tab Mix Plus !!!!


Loading Chrome URLs in Fast Dial Cells

My interest in this question was provoked by some information posted by Mafi0z here

Regarding assess to Bookmarks in Fast Dial please see here

A much more detailed description of how to go about this procedure can be seen here: seen here

How to load about:config into a Fast Dial 2.x Cell

Reference pages I am using at the moment:

4. here

5. here

6. here

Items below tested in FF 3.0.4




Screenshot_-_01_12_2008_,_18_06_05.png - upload images with Picamatic

Transparent Logo thanks to Mafia_Penguin please see here


The error console


Screenshot_-_01_12_2008_,_18_17_25.png - upload images with Picamatic

Transparent Logo thanks to Cool Text

List of extensions loaded


Screenshot_-_01_12_2008_,_19_05_43.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Transparent Logo thanks to Cool Text

Bookmarks Manager


Screenshot_-_01_12_2008_,_18_25_04.png - upload images with Picamatic

Transparent Logo thanks to Cool Text




Firefox Options Menu


Screenshot_-_02_12_2008_,_07_41_53.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Transparent Logo thanks to Cool Text

A list from Mozilla

Untested Items

Many of these don't work

chrome://browser/content/aboutDialog.xul A Help->About Mozilla
chrome://browser/content/browser.xul A Main browser window
chrome://browser/content/hiddenWindow.xul U N/A
chrome://browser/content/macBrowserOverlay.xul U N/A
chrome://browser/content/metaData.xul U N/A
chrome://browser/content/openLocation.xul R File->Open File
chrome://browser/content/pageInfo.xul AD Tools->Page Info
chrome://browser/content/pageReport.xul R Old message received when popup is blocked
chrome://browser/content/pageReportFirstTime.xul R Old message received first time a popup is blocked
chrome://browser/content/setWallpaper.xul D Context(image)->Set As Wallpaper
chrome://browser/content/web-panels.xul AD The last page opened in the side bar.
chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/addBookmark.xul AR Old Context(page)->Add bookmark – better than default
chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/addBookmark2.xul AD Context(page)->Add bookmark – 1 option hidden
chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/selectBookmark.xul AD Tools->Options->General->Use Bookmark
chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksProperties.xul D Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks->Context(bookmark)->Properties – 2 tabs hidden
chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksManager.xul AD Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks
chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksPanel.xul AD Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks : Right panel
chrome://browser/content/migration/migration.xul AD Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks->File->Import – 1 option hidden
chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul AD Go->History
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref.xul AD Tools->Options
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-advanced.xul AD Tools->Options->Advanced
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-advancedscripts.xul AD Tools->Web Features->Advanced
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-connection.xul AD Tools->Options->General->Connection Settings
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-extensions.xul AR Tools->Extensions – may also show hidden (old format) extensions!
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-features.xul AD Tools->Options->Web Features
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-fonts.xul D Tools->Options->General->Fonts & Colors
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-languages.xul D Tools->Options->General->Languages
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-calibrate-screen.xul A Gives area to put a ruler up to for calibration?
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-masterpass.xul AD Tools->Options->Privacy->Saved Passwords->Set Master Password
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-navigator.xul AD Tools->Options->General
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-privacy.xul AD Tools->Options->Privacy
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-features-images.xul AD Tools->Options->Web Features->Image Exceptions
chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-themes.xul AR Old Tools->Themes
chrome://browser/content/pref/plugins.xul AD Tools->Options->Downloads->Plugins
chrome://browser/content/cookieviewer/CookieViewer.xul D Tools->Options->Privacy->Cookies->View Cookies
chrome://browser/content/cookieviewer/CookieExceptions.xul D Tools->Options->Privacy->Cookies->Exceptions
chrome://cookie/content/cookieTasksOverlay.xul AD N/A
chrome://cookie/content/cookieNavigatorOverlay.xul AD N/A
chrome://cookie/content/cookieContextOverlay.xul U N/A
chrome://cookie/content/cookiePrefsOverlay.xul U N/A
chrome://cookie/content/pref-cookies.xul U N/A
chrome://cookie/content/pref-images.xul U N/A
chrome://cookie/content/pref-popups.xul U N/A
chrome://cookie/content/p3p.xul U N/A
chrome://cookie/content/p3pDialog.xul U N/A
chrome://cookie/content/cookieAcceptDialog.xul D Asks what to do with a new cookie
chrome://global/content/nsHelperAppDlg.xul RU Open linked file dialog?
chrome://global/content/nsProgressDialog.xul RU Download manager progress dialog? Maybe enabled with a pref?
chrome://global/content/charsetOverlay.xul D View->Character Encoding (menu)
chrome://global/content/commonDialog.xul U Yes/No dialog box – used as base for all dialogs?
chrome://global/content/customizeCharset.xul AD View->Character Encoding->Customize List
chrome://global/content/customizeToolbar.xul D View->Toolbars->Customize...
chrome://global/content/editMenuOverlay.xul D Edit (menu)
chrome://global/content/finddialog.xul RU Find dialog?
chrome://global/content/fontpackage.xul U N/A
chrome://global/content/selectDialog.xul U N/A
chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.xul U N/A
chrome://global/content/dialogOverlay.xul U Lots of yes/no buttons
chrome://global/content/console.xul AD Tools->Javascript Console
chrome://global/content/filepicker.xul R File selection dialog called by old File->Open File dialog
chrome://global/content/printdialog.xul D File->Print
chrome://global/content/printjoboptions.xul U N/A
chrome://global/content/printPageSetup.xul D File->Page Setup
chrome://global/content/printPreviewProgress.xul D File->Print Preview message shown while preparing to preview the document
chrome://global/content/printProgress.xul D File->Print message shown while printing the document
chrome://global/content/config.xul AD about:config
chrome://global/content/viewSource.xul D View->Page Source
chrome://global/content/viewPartialSource.xul UD View->Selection Source?
chrome://global/content/dummyWindow.xul U Closes current window
chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul F Window used for stuff like "download complete" that shows in lower right
chrome://help/content/help.xul A Help->Help Contents->Left panel
chrome://help/content/helpMenuOverlay.xul U N/A
chrome://help/content/helpContextOverlay.xul U N/A
chrome://help/content/customizeToolbar.xul View->Toolbars->Customize
chrome://mozapps/content/profile/createProfileWizard.xul AD Closes current window
chrome://mozapps/content/profile/profileSelection.xul U Closes current window
chrome://mozapps/content/xpinstall/xpinstallConfirm.xul D Install xpi dialog
chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/unknownContentType.xul D Open unassociated content type dialog
chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/pref-downloads.xul D Tools->Options->Downloads
chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/editAction.xul D Tools->Options->Downloads->File Types->Change Action
chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/downloads.xul AD Tools->Downloads
chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/downloadProperties.xul RU Old download status dialog?
chrome://mozapps/content/plugins/pluginInstallerWizard.xul D Plugin installer first screen
chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul AD Tools->Themes left panel
chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/about.xul D Tools->Themes->About
chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/finalize.xul D Install xpi last screen
chrome://mozapps/content/update/update.xul D New Firefox version extension compatibility list
chrome://mozapps/content/update/errors.xul U Window with an empty input box and a cancel button
chrome://necko/content/redirect_loop.xul Displays when a website keeps redirecting to itself
chrome://passwordmgr/content/passwordManager.xul AD Tools->Options->Privacy->Passwords->View Saved Passwords
chrome://pippki/content/changepassword.xul A Old master password manager (has a security device option?)
chrome://pippki/content/getpassword.xul A Old master password prompt?
chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul AD Reset master password prompt
chrome://pippki/content/PrefOverlay.xul A Shows blank white page
chrome://pippki/content/pref-ssl.xul A SSL settings
chrome://pippki/content/pref-certs.xul AF Tools->Options->Advanced->Certificates
chrome://pippki/content/pref-ciphers.xul A SSL cipher settings
chrome://pippki/content/cipherinfo.xul A Details from SSL cipher settings
chrome://pippki/content/ssl2ciphers.xul R Very old SSL2 cipher dialog
chrome://pippki/content/ssl3tlsciphers.xul R Very old SSL3 cipher dialog
chrome://pippki/content/ssl3tlsciphers2.xul R Another old SSL3 cipher dialog
chrome://pippki/content/PageInfoOverlay.xul R Old style window with a View button
chrome://pippki/content/newserver.xul R New certificate dialog?
chrome://pippki/content/downloadcert.xul R New certificate dialog?
chrome://pippki/content/cacertexists.xul A "Certificate already exists" message
chrome://pippki/content/certManager.xul AF Tools->Options->Advanced->Manage Certificates
chrome://pippki/content/CAOverlay.xul R Very old certificate manager
chrome://pippki/content/WebSitesOverlay.xul R Another very old certificate manager
chrome://pippki/content/OthersOverlay.xul R Yet another very old certificate manager
chrome://pippki/content/MineOverlay.xul R Still another very old certificate manager
chrome://pippki/content/viewCertDetails.xul R Details from the old certificate managers
chrome://pippki/content/editcacert.xul X Crashes browser when opened
chrome://pippki/content/editemailcert.xul X Crashes browser when opened
chrome://pippki/content/editsslcert.xul X Crashes browser when opened
chrome://pippki/content/deletecert.xul U Delete certificate yes/no dialog?
chrome://pippki/content/getp12password.xul U Certificate restore password prompt?
chrome://pippki/content/setp12password.xul A Certificate backup with password prompt?
chrome://pippki/content/domainMismatch.xul A Certificate domain mismatch prompt?
chrome://pippki/content/serverCertExpired.xul A Certificate expired/continue anyway prompt?
chrome://pippki/content/clientauthask.xul A Client request for certificate?
chrome://pippki/content/certpicker.xul A Certificate picker?
chrome://pippki/content/certViewer.xul D Tools->Options->Advanced->Manage Certificates->View
chrome://pippki/content/certDump.xul A Very old certificate viewer
chrome://pippki/content/device_manager.xul AD Tools->Options->Advanced->Manage Security Devices
chrome://pippki/content/load_device.xul A Tools->Options->Advanced->Manage Security Devices->Load
chrome://pippki/content/choosetoken.xul A "Please choose a token" prompt
chrome://pippki/content/escrowWarn.xul A "Certificate authority has asked to make a backup" prompt
chrome://pippki/content/pref-validation.xul D Tools->Options->Advanced->Validation
chrome://pippki/content/crlManager.xul A Tools->Options->Advanced->Manage CRLs
chrome://pippki/content/pref-masterpass.xul R Old master password dialog
chrome://pippki/content/serverCrlNextupdate.xul A "Please ask your system administrator for assistance" prompt
chrome://pippki/content/createCertInfo.xul A "Key Generation in progress..." prompt
chrome://pippki/content/crlImportDialog.xul A "Certificate Revocation List (CRL) was successfully imported" prompt
chrome://pippki/content/pref-crlupdate.xul A "Enable Automatic Update for this CRL" prompt
chrome://pippki/content/formsigning.xul A Certificate text sign agreement prompt

Older Versions-How to inhibit update prompts in Fast Dial

There was an interesting post on this subject here

In order to make these changes you will first need to find your Firefox Profile.

1. Find your Firefox profile

If you are running Firefox 2 this is an easy matter as you can use the Extension Open Profile Folder

Go Tools/Open Profile Folder and you should see the Firefox Profile that you are running.

If you cannot use Open Profile Folder you will have to look manually for your Firefox Profile Folder.

The following chart should help you locate your Firefox Profile:

prof-loc.png - upload images with Picamatic


So once you have found the Firefox Profile.



Screenshot_-_14_09_2008_,_20_17_34.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Screenshot_-_14_09_2008_,_20_18_14.png - Picamatic - upload your images


Screenshot_-_14_09_2008_,_20_18_29.png - Picamatic - upload your images

and Edit RDF File

In this line you will see the current Version you are running.


If you change the value to a higher number than any current Version, you will no longer be prompted for updates

Screenshot_-_14_09_2008_,_20_19_22.png - image uploaded to Picamatic


related post:
How to return to Fast Dial 1.x after running Fast Dial 2.x


Opening Fast Dial in New Tabs with Tab Mix Plus



There has now been an important change in Fast Dial as of Version 2.18

And that is that one can go back to setting Firefox to open in about:blank to open Fast Dial.( so no longer: chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html)

This means that all the problems described below in relation to Tab Mix Plus no longer exist if you are using Fast Dial V2.18 and later

This is an important and useful change in Fast Dial.


All the below information is relevent only to Versions of Fast 2.15 - 2.16 - 2.17


Excellent post by anon on this subject here


An interesting problem has arisen

As you may know there is a need with 2.15 and later Versions to set Home Page as:


Please see here

However you may find now that when you hit CTRL-T now you get this :
(please click on image to enlarge)

Screenshot_-_08_01_2009_,_03_51_41.png - Picamatic - upload your images

If you go to Tab Mix Plus Options you will see this:

So Tab Mix Plus is opening new Tabs on about:blank
And well Fast Dial is no longer on about:blank
So the result of this setting is a blank page.(see above)

To resolve the problem do the following:
Change the setting:

With this fix in Fast Dial Versions after and including V2.16, then click on Fast Dial Icon on Toolbar, or hit CTRL-T and Fast Dial opens in New Tab

Many thanks

Interesting Information

In previous version Fast Dial used to intercept "about:blank" urls, and load Fast Dial page. In order to avoid conflict with new versions of Tab Mix Plus (double blank-tab opening), I made Fast Dial load only in newly opened tabs and if chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html url is entered. As Tab Mix Plus overrides BrowserOpenTab with its own function, TMP users had to specify TMP to open chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html in new tabs, to get FD displayed in new tabs.

Possible Fast Dial conflict with Tree Style Tab

Tree Style Tab

Interesting post on this matter here.

The matter is not fully documented at the moment.

More will be added to this page in due course.

Possible Fix for Fast Dial Address Bar Bug

I presume this problem is related to Version 2.11 but this has not been confirmed.


I first noticed this post on the Fast Dial AMO Page


by Daniel Houriez on October 28, 2008
Nice addon, very useful.

For the many others who have their address bar screwed up, just removing the icon from the toolbar fixed this for me. You still have many other ways to access FD's options.


So I then posted a Bug Report here


Since then there has been a further post on this matter here


To remove the Fast Dial Toolbar Icon please see
Fast Dial Toolbar Icon

Resetting Fast Dial settings in about config

If for some reason you need to reset defaults in Fast Dial and you cannot access Preferences please try the following:

Type about:config in the address bar
Hit go
You may see this screen

Click on I'll be careful I promise.

When you are in about config scroll to the following line, right click on the line and select reset:

That should reset your Fast Dial settings to default.
That should effect the following settings

These are the default values

{ width: 3, height: 3, thumbWidth: 300, timeout: 1000 }

It may be found useful to use about:config to reset other settings in fast dial to the default value.

Restoring Bookmarks in Firefox (for Fast Dial)

A whole number of users are experiencing problems with Firefox 3.5 and greater.
The Bookmarks normally stored in the Fast Dial Root Folder (Fast Dial) end up in a Folder called Unsorted Bookmarks.

One way of resolving this is to restore an earlier Version of bookmarks before this happened.

To do this:

Go to Bookmarks/Organise Bookmarks/Import and Backup and click on Restore

Please be careful to restore an earlier backup of your bookmarks. Your latest automatic restore may be corrupt.

In this way you will be able to restore a previously automatically backed up Version of your Bookmarks to Firefox.

As Fast Dial uses places.sqlite (bookmarks) to store it's information, restoring Bookmarks should also restore your Fast Dial.

Please restart Firefox after the restore.

Many thanks

Tab opening Settings in Fast Dial

The descriptions in Fast Dial of the Tab options has always been rather minimal.

As you can see in the Preferences Menu below the settings now have been more clearly labeled.

This is how the Preferences General Page is going to be:


"Open Links in:" refers to the cells of Fast Dial. (Previously "open in" )

So here you can set how a cell opens when you click on it.

You have a choice, so please select the one that suits you.


The other setting

"Show Fast Dial in Blank Tabs" refers simply to whether or not you want Fast Dial to open when you select a New Tab, for example when you go CTRL-T, or not.


Previous Menu

Many thanks

Trouble in viewing HTML files

A user reported an unusual problem here.


He found that when he wished to view an HTML file, when Firefox opened all he saw was Fast Dial.

The fix to this problem was the following

In Firefox go to Tools/Options/Tabs

Screenshot_-_09_11_2008_,_19_24_40.png - Picamatic - upload your images

This problem was seen to occur when the tab setting is set to "hide the tab bar when I only have one tab".
With this setting Fast Dial is displayed, instead of the HTML file.

Change the setting to "never" and the problem goes away.

Using Fast Dial 2.15 beta 13

Thought I might list here some matters that might be troubling users of Fast Dial 2.15 beta 13

I will add further items when I become aware of them



1. In order to see Fast Dial when Firefox Starts,it is necessary to set in Options/Main in Firefox,

When Firefox starts :Show my Home Page.

it is also necessary to set the Home Page to



2. If you are using Tab Mix Plus and have all tabs button selected that will have the effect now as there is also a Fast Dial Logo in the Tab Bar of making the taps twice as big.

The tabs now are pretty chunky and you can see why if you look at the right of the Tab Bar

please click on image to enlarge

Screenshot_-_29_12_2008_,_21_34_45.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Deselect all tabs button and the tabs will return to normal size


Using Picamatic

Picamatic is a free and very simple way to post images on Userlogos in your posts.
No advertising, no hassle, a great service.


Using Picamatic

If you go to you will see the following screen:

picmatic.JPG - upload images with Picamatic

or if you prefer a darker screen (with one image upoaded)

picamatic.png - image uploaded to Picamatic


If you look at the Picamatic display you will see top left that you have the choice to either view the page in English or in Russian.
I do not speak Russian so we will look at the English settings only.


The suprising thing about Picamatic is that you are never prompted for any ID or password or anything.
And if you upload from a computer well somehow Picamatic remembers who you are, so that the next time you log on to Picamatic (on the same computer) you will automatically see your images.

However it is worth noting that if you need to use a different computer, that there is this option. See the Picamatic FAQ

Where to register?

You don't have to – you are already registered automatically. Click 'Save these images' after you upload one or more images. You'll get your persistent link (aka permalink) saved and sent to your mailbox. Bookmark this link and use it to access your uploaded images and photos anytime you want.

In fact if you do as this says and click on "save these images" you will see this prompt.

Type in the e-mail to which you will receive a link to all your images:

If you right click on the word "link" and choose "copy link location", you can then simply paste the "permalink" directly to your Fast Dial Cell for future use.

This link identifies that you are the "owner" of the images that you have uploaded.

This permalink is worth hanging onto.
For this is the only way you can lay claim to your images should you own computer fail.

Using Picamatic to upload your images.

Go to the Picamatic site

Click Upload on a free Picamatic cell, on the prompt browse to the picture on your computer that you want to upload.

Select the picture

Wait while Picamatic uploads the picture.

When this is finished click on Links (bottom right of the uploaded picture) and then you will see four Options.
I recommend that you click on "Copy Link" to the right of "Blogs", the second option from the bottom.

228613_407x405[1].jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic

Clicking the "Copy link" means that the link is already copied into the computer, so all you need to then is to paste this link to your post.

And you are done.


This is an effortless procedure with Picamatic.
Each stage is made extremely simple for the user.
There is no advertising.
Picamatic, I think you will find, is a real pleasure to use.


Using the Error Console

Using the Error Console is a very useful way to describe a problem to the Developer if a problem cannot be reproduced.

telega's written description is very useful.


Please collect information about browser error messages:
* Enter "about:config" in the browser's address bar. A page with a "Filter" input field and a list of preferences appears. Enter "javascript.options.showInConsole" into the "Filter" field, single line will be displayed. If column "Value" contains "false" then right-click the line and choose "Toggle" from the context menu, so that value becomes "true".
* Open FF Tools > Error console menu. An error console window appears. Click "Clear" button there.
* Now do what you were doing to reproduce the error.
* Go back to Error console window and see if there are any new messages.


Enter "about:config" in the browser's address bar.

Enter about:config in the address field and press enter.

This rather daunting page appears...But please continue

Click "i'll be careful I promise" :-)

A page with a "Filter" input field and a list of preferences appears.

These are the Firefox settings
It is good to be careful

Screenshot_-_12_09_2008_,_01_50_58.png - Picamatic - upload your images


Enter "javascript.options.showInConsole" into the "Filter" field, single line will be displayed.

Typing in this line narrows down the search field

If column "Value" contains "false" then right-click the line and choose "Toggle" from the context menu, so that value becomes "true".

So right clicking on the line creates a small menu.
If you chose Toggle you will see that you can toogle the Value between False and True.

Screenshot_-_12_09_2008_,_01_22_45.png - Picamatic - upload your images

False becomes True

Screenshot_-_12_09_2008_,_01_22_51.png - upload images with Picamatic


Open FF Tools > Error console menu. An error console window appears. Click "Clear" button there.

Screenshot_-_12_09_2008_,_02_07_05.png - upload images with Picamatic

This is very important as it clears the Error console of any previous errors, which could otherwise confuse things completely.


Go back to Error console window and see if there are any new messages.

What it means is here, make the action where you are encountering problems and then immediately afterwards look at the Error Console.

Screenshot_-_31_01_2009_,_20_01_55.png - Picamatic - upload your images


The following Extensions are helpful when using the Error Console


MR Tech Toolkit
(formerly Local Install)

Bottom Error Console

One of the easiest ways of accessing the Error Console is to do it directly from Fast Dial, this can be done by entering:
in the URL Field of a Cell

Screenshot_-_12_09_2008_,_03_48_44.png - Picamatic - upload your images

In Firefox 3.x in Fast Dial 2.x, I think you will find that it will also be necessary to add a custom image to the cell otherwise it refreshes endlessly.

Once set up this is probably the easiest way to access the Error Console.

Xmarks, Fast Dial and Firefox 3.5

2 well described and helpful posts on AMO

Thanks to cisengineer

Steps to recover.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars by cisengineer on July 2, 2009
3.5 Upgrade Fiasco Recovery:
1. Uninstall Fast Dial
2. Delete the corrupt "Fast Dial" folder - Yes, delete. Rename doesn't work.
3. Restart Firefox
4. Reinstall Fast Dial (and restart Firefox again)
5. Places to look for your bookmarks:
a. Unsorted Bookmarks
b. foxmarks/xmarks users go to and log in. They keep backups.
Good luck. This is a great extension! Give the guy a break!

Thank you farf

I got this problem with Xmarks too: blank Fast Dial link in my bookmarks instead of the Fast Dial folder and the error 3 with XMarks which can'T synchronise anymore.
The solution in two steps.
First Step: connect online on Then my bookmarks -> Tools -> Explore and restore -> Restore to the last valid backup.
Second Step: Delete the empty Fast Dial link in your bookmarks and let Xmarks "synchronize now" and download the bookmarks from server (NOT merge)