Theft of about:blank by the Yahoo Toolbar

I have tried to use every instruction available in setting up Fast Dial on my system yet no matter what settings I use Yahoo Search always appears on new tabs opened. I just want the fast dial page to load on new tab or window instances but even setting it to use about:blank and setting the homepage to blank has no effect. Please advise!

I have not tried this, but the procedure seems self explanatory

Please also see this and other comments regarding one extension

"I found by process of elimination in my add ons, that the problem on mine was the NetAssistant Copyright (c) 2010 W#i Holdings, LLC,. All rights reserved. That is what was causing the issue on mine, though I found that I could disable it, but can not uninstall it."

You will also see references to possibly modifying about:config settings related to this extnsion

Once you have sorted this, fast dial should re-appear as normal.

Please let us know how you get on.