Simple Mail Documentation

The following pages are a set of documentation and FAQs for the Simple Mail extension.

Simple Mail FAQ

1. "Connection failed" error.
2. How to configure a Gmail account?
3. How to configure a Hotmail account?
4. How to configure a Yahoo account?
5. Passwords aren't saved.
6. Something isn't working, what should I do?

1. I receive "Connection failed" error. Other mail clients work fine with the same settings.
Check your Firefox network settings. If you have a proxy specified and "Use this proxy server for all protocols" checkbox checked, then your proxy is used for all protocols. But are you sure that your proxy supports them? Simple Mail makes use of SOCKS proxy settings. Most likely your proxy doesn't support SOCKS, so uncheck "Use this proxy server for all protocols" checkbox to solve the problem.

If you use a Firewall, think of adding rules to allow Firefox to use ports reserved for e-mails (25,110,993, 465, etc),

2. How to configure a Gmail account?
Below are links to configuration instructions for IMAP and POP3 protocols. For SMTP use port 465.

Gmail through IMAP
Gmail through POP3

3. How to configure a Hotmail account?
You have to use these settings :

POP3 Server : with SSL/TLS
IMAP server : SSL/TLS
SMTP Server : with STARTTTLS

login : [email protected]

4. How to configure a Yahoo account?
You have to use these settings :

POP3 Server : You will have to enable “SSL” and use 995 for Port.
SMTP Server : You will also have to make sure that “SSL” is enabled and use 465 for port.

You will have to enable “Allow your Yahoo Mail to be POPed” under “POP and Forwarding”, to send and receive Yahoo mails through any other email client. This is done under the Yahoo mail interface, under "options" then "More options"

See also :

5. Every time I restart Firefox, I have to re-enter passwords for accounts in Simple Mail.
The cause of this is that you have "Remove saved passwords on exit" option specified in Firefox options. To change it, do the following: open Firefox menu "Tools > Options", select "Privacy" tab, look at "Private Data" section, click "Settings..." button and uncheck "Saved Passwords" checkbox in a window that appears. You may also want to uncheck "Remember passwords for sites" on the "Security" tab.

6. Something isn't working, what should I do?
Please collect information about error messages:

  • Enter "about:config" in the Firefox address bar. A page with a "Filter" input field and a list of preferences appears. Enter "javascript.options.showInConsole" into the "Filter" field, single line will be displayed. If column "Value" contains "false" then right-click the line and choose "Toggle" from the context menu, so that value becomes "true".
  • Open Firefox Tools > Error console menu. An error console window appears. Click "Clear" button there.
  • Now do what you were doing to reproduce the error.
  • Go back to Error console window and see if there're new messages.
  • You can also, since V2.85 enable log file

    Send these messages along with the problem description to the author through forum email. This will help to solve the problem.

How to Add Multiple Recipients/Email-addresses While Compositing a Message

Simple Mail does not support random selecting multiple email-addresses(usually via Ctrl- click) in "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" fields while compositing a message. But via defining "Group" in address book, users may add
to those fields with fixed set ("group") of multiple recipients/email-addresses. You can create several groups to fit your needs.

How to:

  1. Click on "Preferences" icon on tool bar to open and select "Address Book" tab for setting.
  2. Click on "Add" to bring up the dialog, which can be resized to your likes.
  3. Give it a name in "Name" field and check the "Group" option for defining a new group.
  4. Keep on double-clicking contacts in address book for adding members to the group until it's done.
  5. Click on "OK" and there you are.

How to Backup Message(s) from Simple Mail

Note: for some reason, the content of this article displays a bit different from how it's written.
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Since version 2.69 update 07-30-2008 05.10.49 (download: site 1, site 2),
users of Simple Mail have three kinds of possibility to backup
/restore a message or messages:

  1. to backup a single message
  2. to backup/restore a folder of messages or a single message
  3. to backup/restore all messages in Simple Mail of current profile

Here are the how-to's:

  1. to backup a single message
    1. Save as HTML for general web browsers --
      1. click on "SaveAs" button on toolbar of main window
      2. a dialog pops up for you to choose where to save to
      3. file name will be auto-suggested as the subject
    2. Save as EML for general mail clients --
      1. (same as 1.1.1)
      2. same as 1.1.2, adding that) click on drop-down list of file type and choose "*.eml"
      3. (same as 1.1.3)
  2. to backup/restore a folder of messages or a single message
    1. to backup, export folder as a file (and may be imported to Thunder Bird Folder or Simple Mail Folder) --
      1. right-click on a folder to bring up the context menu and choose "Export"
      2. a dialog pops up for you to choose where to save to
      3. file name will be auto-suggested as the folder name
    2. to restore, import folder from a file or import single message from a "*.eml" file
      1. dump the trash folder or create a temp folder for importing
      2. right-click on that folder to bring up the context menu and choose "Import"
      3. a dialog pops up for you to choose which to read from
      4. select a file to import then check the result
      5. drag-n-drop imported message(s) to where you want to put it/them
  3. Backup all messages of current Simple Mail
    1. if you are using a custom directory to store Simple Mail messages
      1. click on "Preferences" to bring up the settings dialog
      2. select "General" tab and see which directory it is
      3. open FIle Manager to duplicate/archive the whole directory
    2. if you are using default profile directory, it's better to use FF add-on "Extension Manager - Extended" to know where your profile situated. Otherwise the following is just one possible way to know where the directory sits
      1. close all Firefox window(s)
      2. run "firefox.exe -profilemanager" in command line to call FF Profile Manager
      3. mouse on the highlighted item for a few seconds, a tooltip text will popup, remember the path of your profile
      4. open that profile directory, you'll find a folder named "simplemail" and that's what you need to duplicate/archive

-- Updated: 2008-08-01 by Tsprajna

How to Customize Your Reply Header

How To
Within Firefox

  1. Open a new Tab, fill "about:config" in the address bar (without quotes) and press Enter key or click on the arrow
  2. Fill "simplemail" in the filter area to get all related parameters
  3. Find "extensions.simplemail.reply" and modify/paste a string to meet your need
  4. Verification:
    go back to main window of Simple Mail, select a message and click on Reply button to see the result

The following HTML string will get you a 2-line reply header including subject, GMT timestamp, your locale timestamp and the sender:
<span style='color: black; font-style:normal; font-size:12pt;'>{ <font color=green> {subject}</font> }</span><br><span style='font-size:10pt;'>{date-GMT}, </span><span style='color:black; font-style:normal; font-size: 12pt;'>{date-locale}, {author}:</span>
And it will look like:
{ Re: Another thoughts }
2008-05-27 12:40:01 GMT, 2008年5月27日 下午 08:40:01, <[email protected]>:

Here are the options available since version 2.66 (05-27-2008 09:34:41) to custom the reply header:

  • {author}: email address of the sender.
  • {date}: compact local date string, such as "27/05/08 20:40:01".
  • {date-locale}: date string in your locale language, such as "2008年5月27日 下午 08:40:01".
  • {date-GMT}: compact GMT date string, such as "2008-05-27 12:40:01 GMT".
  • {subject}: subject of your message.

Use HTML tags to beautify your reply header.

How to Stop Simple Mail Checking a Send-only Account

You can set accounts in Simple Mail used for sending messages only.

To stop Simple Mail check such accounts, just leave the "Host" fields in "POP3/IMAP" Tab of account settings blank.

Simple Mail will not check those accounts with null Host for new mails anymore.

How to set up Folders and Folder Filters in Simple Mail

This will be a Tutorial on setting up Folders and Filters in Simple Mail

Simple Mail is set up in such a way that one can by the use of Filters sort ones mail into different Folders

This is a most useful Function

The first step is to create a new Folder in which one can save ones Mail

The name will probably be of the person whose Mail one wishes to keep in the Folder

To Create a New Folder click on the left of the Simple Mail Page on the top of Folders

Add and Name a suitable Folder, and then Press OK to Save
This the First Step