Running Fast Dial v1.x in Full Screen Mode with Autohide


It is possible to run Firefox and hence Fast Dial v1.x in Full Screen mode.

The advantage of doing this is that the Fast Dial Background and Cells are able to cover the whole screen


The first thing to do is to set up Windows to Start Firefox Maximised.

I am not all sure all versions of Windows are the same in this respect but I recommend the following:
Right click on the Firefox Start Icon and click Properties, in the following Menu under "Run:" select Maximised.

Screenshot_-_03_08_2008_,_01_17_31.png - Picamatic - upload your images


Next I would recommend that you download the Extension Autohide:

Help Page

On the Help Page you will see this FAQ:

Screenshot_-_04_08_2008_,_02_20_24.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Further down the same page there is information concerning about:config settings for Autohide..


The Autohide Menu available under Options in Firefox Add-ons is very straightforward to set up.

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There is also an Autohide Toolbar (in the shape of a cross) that allows one to toggle between Full Screen and non Full Screen.

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This all works fine.


Most convenient is to run in Fullscreen mode showing only the Tab Bar.
This works really well.
If and when the Fast Dial Tab Bar Icon returns, it will be a lot better.


Whenever you wiss to return to non Fullscreen Mode please press SHIFT-F11


Fast Dial 1.x

The only real frustration with the whole set up is that Firefox loads occasionally in non Maximised form, (usually after restart) and if Autohide is trying to get into Full Screen mode things lock up.

One can unlock the system by using the Firefox context menu and deselecting Fullscreen,

Screenshot_-_03_08_2008_,_15_28_10.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Maximising Firefox

Screenshot_-_03_08_2008_,_15_12_07.png - upload images with Picamatic

and then returning to Full screen Mode.

Screenshot_-_03_08_2008_,_15_12_21.png - upload images with Picamatic

This is easy to do if one is on a Web page because of the availability of the Firefox Context Menu.


(One can also, I realise, use Autohide's SHIFT-F11 (Zombie Mode) to get out of Full Screen Mode, and then follow the steps above to put Firefox in Maximised Mode)


Modification for Fast Dial Version 1.x

However there is no Full Screen option in the Fast Dial context menu.

Telega suggested a way round this on Page 49 of the Mozilla Russia Forum.

The fix described there has been later improved upon.

One needs to insert the following line into fd.js

if (event.ctrlKey) return;

after line 238

so becoming
onMenuShowing: function(event) {
Fd.currentIndex = FdPanel.getId(;
if (event.ctrlKey) return;
var pageInfo = Fd.currentIndex && Fd.parent.getChild(Fd.currentIndex);
var isEmpty = !pageInfo || pageInfo.isEmpty();

This is a picture of the code inserted correctly.

Screenshot_-_03_08_2008_,_02_01_38.png - upload images with Picamatic

The path to Fd.js is the following:

[firefox_profile]/extensions/[email protected]/chrome/content/fd.js

A most convenient way to access fd.js is to use Open Profile Folder (Firefox 2 only)

For a fuller view of the inserted code see:

Screenshot_-_03_08_2008_,_02_02_22.png - upload images with Picamatic

With this Fix in place all one needs to do is to right click when in Fast Dial with CTRL held down and a full Context Menu will appear, allowing one to deselect Full Screen and re-establish Maximised mode for Firefox.
This Fix of Telega's is extremely convenient for this application.


(One can also, I realise, use Autohide's SHIFT-F11 (Zombie Mode) to get out of Full Screen Mode, and then follow the steps above to put Firefox in Maximised Mode)