CK Editor and Image Upload and Insert

CKEditor is the default Comment and Messages  Editor on Userlogos

On line information here

To upload an image from your own computer with CK editor is not an intitive or straightforwad process

1. Look above the box of your comment and click on box marked Image
2. Image Properties Box appears
3. Click on Browse Server
4. On left of page below uploads you will see your own username
5. Click on your userame. This allows you to upload to your username folder
6.You will then get a prompt do you want to refresh the directory
7. Click yes
8. Then you will see the word upload at the top of page
9.Click on Upload
10. Then Click on Browse
11. Browse on your Computer to the file you wish to upload
12  Click on the Image on Computer that you want to upload
13 Then click on Upload. This will upload to your username folder
14 Then click on Insert File
15 You will then see the Image Properties box with a preview image of the image file that you have chosen to insert
16 Hit OK and you are done

Easy wasn't it ?