Copying or moving a Fast Dial Profile in FD 1.x

It is my opinion that the easiest way to move the Fast Dial Profile in Fast Dial 1.x is to use Febe and simply make a complete Profile Backup

This will mean that all the information stored in your Fast Dial Folder, that is both all the images and the settings information in fastdial.sqlite will be transferred along with the rest of the Profile in one fell swoop.

Go the New Profile, open Firefox and the Fast Dial Page will open as it did in you previous Profile


****************THIS APPLIES to FAST DIAL VERSION 1.x ONLY !!!********************

This is the more traditional way of moving the Fast Dial settings in Fast Dial 1.x


To find the Fast Dial Profile Folder it is necessary first to find the Firefox Profile

If you are running Firefox 2 this is an easy matter as you can use the Extension Open Profile Folder

Go Tools/Open Profile Folder and you should see the Firefox Profile that you are running.

If you cannot use Open Profile Folder you will have to look manually for your Firefox Profile Folder.

The following chart should help you locate your Firefox Profile:

prof-loc.png - upload images with Picamatic


When you open your Firefox Profile it should look like this:
You should be able to see the Fast Dial Profile Folder

Screenshot_-_18_08_2008_,_19_24_53.png - Picamatic - upload your images

To check you have the right Folder you can open it. You should see all the images in your Fast Dial (.PNG files, in pairs, one big one small), a copy of your Fast Dial Background, and one other file called fastdial.sqlite

Screenshot_-_18_08_2008_,_21_24_11.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Fastdial.sqlite is the file that stores all the detailed information concerning your Fast Dial Profile.

The image files together with fastdial.sqlite constitute your Fast Dial "Profile", and this Fast Dial Profile Folder can be copied and pasted into another Firefox Profile.


To make this file "work" once you have installed it into another Firefox profile, you will also need to download a version of Fast Dial 1.x into that same Firefox Profile.


I found recently on transfering a Fast Dial profile by CD that the Files afterwards were all set to read only.

To change that, one has to go into the Fast Dial Folder, click edit/select all and then right click and Properties and then unselect the Read only box.