Using Picamatic

Picamatic for Image Hosting is no more

Not exactly an extension, but am posting here as well.

Picamatic is a free and very simple way to post images on Userlogos in your posts.
No advertising, no hassle, a great service.

Using Picamatic

If you go to you will see the following screen:

picmatic.JPG - upload images with Picamatic

or if you prefer a darker screen (with one image upoaded)

picamatic.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

If you look at the Picamatic display you will see top left that you have the choice to either view the page in English or in Russian.
I do not speak Russian so we will look at the English settings only.

The suprising thing about Picamatic is that you are never prompted for any ID or password or anything.
And if you upload from a computer well somehow Picamatic remembers who you are, so that the next time you log on to Picamatic (on the same computer) you will automatically see your images.

However it is worth noting that if you need to use a different computer, that there is this option. See the Picamatic FAQ

Where to register?

You don't have to – you are already registered automatically. Click 'Save these images' after you upload one or more images. You'll get your persistent link (aka permalink) saved and sent to your mailbox. Bookmark this link and use it to access your uploaded images and photos anytime you want.

In fact if you do as this says and click on "save these images" you will see this prompt.

Type in the e-mail to which you will receive a link to all your images:

If you right click on the word "link" and choose "copy link location", you can then simply paste the "permalink" directly to your Fast Dial Cell for future use.

This link identifies that you are the "owner" of the images that you have uploaded.

This permalink is worth hanging onto.
For this is the only way you can lay claim to your images should you own computer fail.

Using Picamatic to upload your images.

Go to the Picamatic site

Click Upload on a free Picamatic cell, on the prompt browse to the picture on your computer that you want to upload.

Select the picture

Wait while Picamatic uploads the picture.

When this is finished click on Links (bottom right of the uploaded picture) and then you will see four Options.
I recommend that you click on "Copy Link" to the right of "Blogs", the second option from the bottom.

228613_407x405[1].jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic

Clicking the "Copy link" means that the link is already copied into the computer, so all you need to then is to paste this link to your post.

And you are done.

This is an effortless procedure with Picamatic.
Each stage is made extremely simple for the user.
There is no advertising.
Picamatic, I think you will find, is a real pleasure to use.