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This is about Launchy the Firefox Extension / Add-on NOT Launchy the Windows Application.

Please see accompanying

Launchy Modules for Launchy.xml

which is a useful list of codes to build up your launchy.xml file easily.

Launchy is a Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape and Nvu extension.

To download Launchy please go here

On download please install the Launchy Icon on the Toolbar.

If you have autodetect enabled in Launchy
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the following Applications with be autdetected by Launchy if you have them Loaded already in Windows:

* Browsers:
o Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Netscape, K-Meleon, Internet Explorer, Opera, Maxthon, Crazy Browser, Avant Browser, Slim Browser
* Mail:
o Mozilla Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Outlook, Pegasus Mail, Eudora, Lotus Notes, The Bat!, IncrediMail, Calypso, PocoMail, Forte Agent
* Media:
o BSPlayer, Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Foobar2000
* FTP:
o Total Commander, UltraFXP, WS_FTP Pro, SmartFTP, BulletProof FTP, FileZilla, FlashFXP
* Download:
o GetRight, LeechGet, Mass Downloader, Star Downloader, Internet Download Manager, ReGet Deluxe, BitTorrent, FlashGet, WackGet, Offline Explorer Pro
* Editors:
o Notepad, UltraEdit,, Mozilla Composer, WordPad, Syn Text Editor, TextPad, EditPad Pro, Zend Studio, Vim, PSPad
* Image:
o XnView, Paint Shop Pro

Click on the Logo on the Toolbar and you will able to access the Launchy Options Menu.

If you have "select extended debug information" selected in Launchy you will be able to see in detail the process of Autodetection in the Error/Java Console

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So you could see the following when you click on the Launchy Toolbar Icon and look in Launchy Options if you have those applications loaded in Windows:

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I have found that the enable ticks available in the Launchy Options Window work fine for items that are on the Launchy List. However it would seem that items in the Launchy.xml file seem to overide the disable in Options .

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If your program is not listed above Launchy allows you to add any Windows application, you wish to Launch in Launchy.

To do this however you need to create a custom Launchy.XML File

[Launchy.xml also works with other Operating Systems besides Windows, but of course the file paths are different]

To create a Launchy XML file please go here:

Create Launchy XML File here


You need to cut and paste the Output of the above XML Generator into a Text File Editor (Notepad is fine) and then "save as" the file as Launchy.xml into the Chrome Folder of your current Firefox Profile.

Please do this in UTF-8 and with save set to All files so that the file is not saved as launchy.xml.txt

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To check the exact location of where the Chrome Folder is, to place the Launchy.xml file, open the Launchy Options and click on Launchy.xml and you will see the correct location shown.

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To check how Launchy is interpreting your launchy.xml file, select in Launchy Options
"select extended debug information"

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Then you can check if Launchy is having success or not loading from your launchy.xml
Please look in the Error console (Java) or the Jave Console

You should see something like the following:

Screenshot_-_16_11_2008_,_17_13_55.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

I have at last got the Launchy.xml File to work
This is an example of a simple working launchy.xml File:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

C:\Program Files\Editpad Classic\EditPad.exe

This allows you then to open the Windows application of your choice directly from Firefox

Once you have got a Text editor running in Launchy like Notepad, or an Editor of your choice, it is a relatively easy matter to modify your Launchy.xml file by adding or removing applications.

For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

C:\Program Files\Editpad Classic\EditPad.exe

C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Notepad++.exe

Screenshot Captor
C:\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.exe

For your information:

label: The name of the application required
command: The full path to the executable for the application required
arguments: The arguments for the application optional
type: The type of application required. The following types are supported:

1. Browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox)
2. Mail clients (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird)
3. Media clients (e.g. Windows Media Player)
4. FTP clients (e.g. WS_FTP)
5. Download Managers (e.g. FlashGet)
6. File Explorers (e.g. Windows Explorer)
7. Editors (e.g. UltraEdit)
8. View Viewers (e.g. XnView)

You can use both %ProgramFiles% and %SystemRoot% and %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% in the command and arguments and they are substitutes with their appropriated values.

So you can add and run as many Windows applications as you wish
This is really great !

Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_01_11_48.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Moontools running on the Fast Dial 2.14 Page, courtesy Launchy

Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_10_27_25.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Home Planet running on the Fast Dial 2.14 Page, courtesy Launchy

Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_11_42_58.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Outlook Express running in Fast Dial

This works really well and I find fantastically convenient

Non standard settings see launchy.xml modules
Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_11_50_29.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Quickly check your setup
CPUZ running in Fast Dial courtesy Launchy

Screenshot_-_01_12_2008_,_21_53_51.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Further uses of Launchy

If for example you are on a Web Page in Firefox, you can right click on any image and then open via Launchy in an Image Viewer like IrfanView for example

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