Using logos from this website

This Tutorial was created by mafi0z

Since updated and modified by Mafia_Penguin
with suggestions from chiaroscuro

This tutorial shows you how to add a custom image from this site.
What you need:
Fast Dial extension for Firefox

1.) Make a folder to store your logos in, eg., Fast Dial Logos, in My Pictures (Or your OS equivelent, eg., Pictures on a Mac).

2.) Go to, and in the search box at the top, type in the URL (eg., of the site you want to have a logo for.
// uploaded to 

3.) Click on an image that matches your search.

4.) Right click the larger picture on the detailed information page that matches your color preference, and click "Save Image As..." to the "Fast Dial Logos" folder (or what you called your folder).

5.) Open the Fast Dial window and right click on the cell you have the logo for.
Click on the "Properties" button.
If you are making a new cell, simply click on the blank cell.

6.) If you are adding a new site, fill in the information If it is a site you already have a cell for, the information is already filled.

7.) Click the button with the three dots on it in the "Custom Image" field.

7.) Browse to the file in the box that comes up, and click OK. Click on "OK" in the Properties box.

8.) Wait for the logo to refresh. Be patient, this may take some time.

Once the file is loaded, enjoy your new logo.

Simple Instructions to Upload a Logo to Userlogos

TOP left of Frontpage go to Submit content/Logo

That is here

Here is the browse and upload part of that page
Do you not have that ?
Having filled out the different parts of the form then go to the box seen here
Browse first to your Logo on the hard disk, and once that information loaded click on Upload

That should be sufficient

It is worth noting that the Logos uploaded on this site should conform to the aspect ration of the other logos