Making and saving a Theme in Fast Dial

To make a Theme in Fast Dial 2.15

To make a theme please do the following

(For making a number of themes I would suggest making a Template)

Go to Preferences/Themes

Once in themes got to Default

These are the Default Settings for Fast Dial.

Set up your own settings

And load your Background and Back Cell Image.

You are now ready to save your Settings as a Theme.

Fast Dial will have opened a new Theme called Default*

This signals that the original Default has been changed.

The original Default remains


Rename Default* to the name of the Theme that you have just made and would like to save


And save

This will create a .zip file on your Hard Disk
This will be your new Theme

It will contain your Background Image, your back cell image, and a file Styles.css which oontains your Custom Appearance Settings.

Also saved to the same Themes folder will be a Preview Image of your Theme.
This can be uploaded if you wish to upload your Theme to Userlogos.


If at any point you need to restore your Theme go to Import
Browse for backed up .zip


Previously Backed up .zip will now show as a Theme with the name that you gave it.

Select the theme you have imported and all your preferred Appearance Settings will be restored as well as the background and back cell image of that Theme.