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"Add to Fast Dial" Option missing in the Context Menu in Fast Dial 2.x

Obviously this is out of date now as Fast Dial Version 2.8 has got an "add to Fast Dial option in the context menu

I will leave the rest of this post like it is for a week or so and then remove


Many are confused by the fact that they can no longer find the option

"Add to Fast Dial" in the Context Menu in Fast Dial 2.0

Well unfortunately perhaps this option is no longer available in Fast Dial 2.x


To save sites to Fast Dial 2.x

Please go to:

Adding Sites/Cells to Fast Dial

and read the section devoted to Fast Dial Version 2.x



Bookmarks Multiplying in Fast Dial Version 2.x

Bookmarks Multiplying in Fast Dial Version 2.x

This is not the same problem as the Drag and Drop problem
see here
Drag and Drop problem in Firefox 2.x- Bug Fixed


This problem of Multiplying Bookmarks is believed now by telega to be caused by an imperfect transition from Fast Dial Version 1.x to Fast Dial Version 2.x

It is based on the idea that the previous fastdial.sqlite file used by Fast Dial Version 1.x has in fact not been correctly changed to fastidal.sqlite.bak, and that this is the one and only cause of the Bookmarks Multiplying problem.


So for users who are experiencing this problem after upgrading to Fast Dial Version 2.x from Version 1.x please take the following steps


[For anyone taking the below steps it is strongly recommended that all present Firefox Bookmarks (places.sqlite) are backed up before proceeding.
However if all goes well it is recommended that the this Bookmarks Backup is then deleted]


The recommendation is to delete the present Fast Dial Bookmarks Folder in Bookmarks and then to install and run Fast Dial Version 2.11.

This will hopefully restore a working Fast Dial 2.x with the settings that were present when Fast Dial 1.x was previously running.


If by following the above procedure it is found that Fast Dial Version 2.11 has not restored the previous Fast Dial 1.x settings, please try to find the file fastdial.sqlite.bak in the Firefox Profile, and rename the file as fastdial.sqlite and run Fast Dial Version 2.11 again.


It is worth remembering that a safety file is created by Fast Dial 2.x of previous Fast Dial Version 1.x usage, when the transition to Fast Dial 2.x is made.
This file is called fastdial.sqlite.bak and can be found in the Firefox Profile.

This file can always be used to reconstruct Fast Dial 1.x usage again
How to return to Fast Dial 1.x after running Fast Dial 2.x


Any feedback given by users on the Fast Dial Forum on experiences using this procedure would be most welcome.

Many thanks

Current Fast Dial Bugs and Extension Conflicts - and their status

________________________________________________________________________________________ Please note that for all recent 2.14 Bugs I have preferred to enter information in Mafi0z bug report than here. So for all 2.14 stuff after the white page please see there . ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Please note on Userlogos there is now an excellent new Bug Report section created by MafiOz. --------------------------------------------------------------------- To view the page go to Help Centre / Bug Reports --------------------------------------------------------------------- To report a bug to that page please do the following: Go to Submit Content then Bug report ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mozilla Addons page is here ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ The function of this list below is simply to keep tabs on reports of current Fast Dial problems . These problems may or may not turn out to be Fast Dial Version 2.x bugs . ____________________________________________________________________________________
Links Fast Dial Version
Blurry Images One+two+three v2,9/2,11
Address Bar One+two+three+four v2.9+2.11 ?
Apply to all Folders One+two Bug fixed v2.10
Drag and Drop One+two 2.9+2.11?| Fixed v2.11
Drag and Drop Type One v2.11
Calender One Bug Fixed v2.11
Fast Dial not appearing One+two v2.9/2.11 ***
Options opens tabs One v2.9
Users lose all Fast Dial Bookmark Settings AMO v2.9/2.11 ***
Bookmarks multiplying One
Scrambling Bookmarks and pages AMO 2.11 see comments below
Display questions One+two v2.12(refresh all ??)
Print calender One v2.11.0
Add/Properties missing One+two v2.11.0 (fixed in 2.14)
White screen One+two v2.14.0 Bug Fixed
*** possibly resolved by uninstall restart / reinstall restart but why should this be necessary ? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Extension conflicts
Extension Link Fast Dial Version Effected
Web Developer Reference v1.x
Ubiquity Reference v1.x
IE Tab One +two Blank cells workaround here
Speed Dial SD-AMO Both extensions cannot run together
All in one sidebar One Not confirmed
Foxmarks One Solution being looked into
Tree Style Tab One
Autohide One v2.11.0/2.12.0 Cells vanish
Domain Details 2.3 One FD 2.x
Febe One v2.x
_____________________________________________________________________________________ Problems on Userlogos
Area Effected Links Information
My Bookmarks One+two New Module fitted problem resolved
_____________________________________________________________________________________ Display problem AMO fdggcc7.jpg - upload images with Picamatic --------------------------------------------------------------------- Interesting Display problem reported on Russian AMO Possibly from an Extension Conflict: screen.png - Picamatic - upload your images _____________________________________________________________________________________ Problems Reported on AMO _____________________________________________________________________________________ Warning! Fast Dial automatically auto hides the taskbar in Firefox. There is no way of changing the behaviour and no help to explain what is happening or even why the developer decided to impose his whim on all users. Don't waste 30 minutes as I did installing, disabling uninstalling and searching the internet for a cure. * Boo Upgraded to the latest release without reading the reviews....BIG MISTAKE. Tried to go back to earlier version but can't figure out the last release that works properly. This was my favorite add-on but I will not be using it anymore. DO NOT UPGRADE. I wasn't even able to use firefox at all with it installed . by MikeSMartin on November 5, 2008 * Address Bar is useless The concept was great however it becomes useless to type anything in the address bar and how the hell else are you supposed to go to new sites. I removed it !! It would be nice to have a tab that shows your favorite sites but then you can still type in the address bar. by Dude McMann on November 4, 2008 * causes firefox 3.0.3 to crash.. uninstalled by robsinbc on November 2, 2008 --- Good idea but has a few problems. Pages will lose the bookmark and link, only to reappear later. Also the tiles move about the page on occasion which is irritating. Sometimes if it cant find the tile it will duplicate another. Needs some work by Finalreminder on October 24, 2008 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good idea but it doesnt work, thumbnails change places or dissapear sometimes and refresh doesnt work properly. by jazzrocker on October 23, 2008 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, I love this add on. So why am I giving it only three stars? Because EVERY UPDATE causes my thumbnails to be resorted and reset. I then have to take time to go back and unscrew things. Either it's put completely random bookmarks into the thumbs (FF on my WinXP machine) or it's left three of them blank (FF on my Mac OS:X box.) Either way, it's a pain in the butt, so I will no longer update this otherwise excellent add on. by Coach Wade on October 16, 2008 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 2.11 -------------------------- Glitches Great for a while, but then all of the links started to get mixed up and it wasn't worth trying to fix by mattattack314 on October 12, 2 -------------------------- by tuFrogs on October 2, 2008 Version 2.11 is not working properly and swapped the hyperlinks wish!! HELP!!! -------------------------- unistalled because it wont let me type any address on blank I was limited to the ones on the Add-on by drtru81 on September 29, 2008 -------------------------- What happened? by Bioran23 on September 26, 2008 I loved using this add-on, but the latest update made it all my bookmarks scrambled and disappears randomly! --------------------------- Oh, dear. This would have been fun to use but my bookmarks are now all mixed up! by sexyyellow on September 26, 2008 -------------------------- Used to love it, now it scrambled I'm not surprised that somebody else has got the same trouble as me. Oh God, do I have to remove it completely then? It sabotages my bookmarks! by MrdLuval on ------------------------------ Scramble bug Loved it at first, then it started scrambling all my bookmarks. by antfly91 on September 24, 2008 ------------------------------ problemSSS by madscanner on September 23, 2008 bugssss!! this new version scrambles everything after a while!! i'll going back to the older version... ------------------------------- by Gary Weberg on September 22, 2008 (see this user's previous comment at the end) Used to be great. Now it scrambles my pages and some are gone. Whoever is making updates isn't checking to see how they affect the user. ------------------------------- by BugMeNot33 on September 21, 2008 Once again, against my better judgment, I tried the new version and sure enough lost everything. My God man! Do you know what you are doing ?? Do you not try the app. yourself before u make it available. What an idiot. I'm done. --------------------------------- previous comment by same user for earlier version Thanks for nothing door BugMeNot33 op 9 september 2008 LOST EVERYTHING WITH THE NEW UPDATE!! THANKS FOR NOTHING. HOW COULD THIS ERROR GO UN-NOTICED ?? ------------------------------- Version 2.9 ------------------------------- by Chris Boyd on September 18, 2008 This was a fantastic Add-on until the 2.9 update, which somehow manages to keep two sets of bookmarks on my panel that change each time I load Firefox. This version is extremely buggy. --------------------------------- bookmarks lost on update and close of programme by svs777 on September 18, 2008 I really liked this little app until a I upgraded to 2.9 and all my bookmarks where lost. I re-entered them and they were lost again on shutting down firefox. I upgraded to 2.11 and still have the same problem. Will be uninstalling this and looking for something else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Much earlier comment by Gary Weberg. See his more recent comment above. Fast Dial is the BOMB by Gary Weberg on March 28, 2008 I've been using Fast Dial for awhile now, and the more I use it the more I like it. I didn't "get it" when I first tried using it, now it's an indispensable part of my daily use of Firefox. When I click on the Fast Dial icon, it opens a new tab (or window) with the various websites that I have added to the Fast Dial tab. You can easily organize the order in which they display by dragging the web page images around on the page. Using a 7 x 4 format I have all of my most used sites in the top row, and the remaining three rows I have arranged by category. But you can arrange them any way you want. Having an image to refer to rather than using the bookmarks dropdown menu or AIOS sidebar (which I also use) allows me to free up more screen space for viewing the website. Give it a try after a couple of weeks using it, you'll never give it up. ------------------------------------

Drag and Drop problem in Firefox 2.x- Bug Fixed

There was a bug in Versions of Firefox 2.x previous to Version 2.11

This bug only became apparent if "Fixed" thumbnail size option specified in preferences and FD page has a scrollbar.

The symptom of the bug was that it was quite impossible to reorganise cells in Fast Dial using Drag and Drop.

So extremely tiresome and frustrating.


Thanks to the cooperation of Userlogos Member ericaS, telega was at last able to reproduce and then fix this problem.

Here is a link to the post

So for those experiencing problems in organising their Fast Dial Cells please try installing Fast Dial Version 2.11.

Version 2.11, is available here

If this does not resolve matters try

Unintstalling Fast Dial Version 2.11
Re-installing Fast Dial Version 2.11

Thank you

Menu Editor effects Add to Fast Dial in Tab and Main Context Menus

At present time I consider this a Menu Editor Problem and not a Fast Dial Bug, so I have not filed a Bug Report for this problem.

It could be claimed to be an extension conflict, but it is not a conflict in the usual sense.


This question was reported here.


It seems for some reason that Menu Editor fails to see and as a result removes the add to Fast Dial option in the Tab Context Menu.

When I say fail to see, it does not appear in the Menu Editors description of the Tab Context Menu Options


Mafia_Penguin reports of not being effected in this way.
I wonder what is happening.
What I wonder is the other Variable
Firefox Version, Windows Operating System.


I have now loaded into a New Profile only 2.14 and Menu Editor and can confirm that the Add to Fast Dial option is visible in the Tab Context Menu. FF3.0.4 ME 1.2.6 FD 2.14

And the option appears in the Menu Editor Options Menu in Tab Context Menu

However I can also confirm that the Add to Fast Dial option does no longer appear at all in the Main Context Menu in a new Profile with only Fast Dial and Menu Editor running

Not only that, but the item does not appear in the Menu Editor Options Menu either under Main Context Menu. FF 3.0.4 ME 1.2.6 FD 2.14

This is giving me a headache.


In a non-new Profile I had this observation

It is my impression also that it removes the folder in the Add to Fast Dial option in the Main Firefox Context menu.


It would seem therefore that in some way Menu Editor seems unable to show both add to Fast Dials at the same time, either one of the other.


Original Problem

Well spotted by rocksoccer


Developers post found on the ME Forum


As it stands there are bugs. Yes, I realize that at the moment, some people have to choose between having this and another extension installed.

Because of the very flexible nature of XUL and the firefox extension system in general, it is next to impossible for Menu Editor to account for every possible way that another extension could want to add and display menu items. There are a lot of edge cases, for which I am not eager to maintain 50 different workarounds in menu editor's code. This doesn't mean I don't care about the bugs, certainly there are bugs that need to be worked on, and I hope to have time to work on these issues.

Often there are changes that other extensions can make that will fix compatibility with Menu Editor and still maintain their functionality. I've been thinking about typing up a "Best practices for compatibility with Menu Editor" document, but I'm not sure how many extension authors would care to make their menu items comply.

It doesn't help that Mozilla hasn't seen fit to fix some bugs that affect menu editor.

So basically, I'm happy to hear bug reports about conflicts, but be patient


Migrating your Fast Dial 2.x Profile (for the Technically Minded)


The recommended way to Migrate your profile can be seen here:

Migrating your Fast Dial Profile in FD 2.0


The following method is included for those who enjoyed the rather arcane methods necessary for copying a Fast Dial profile that had to be used in the later versions of Fast Dial 1.x.


Go to your Firefox Profile and find the File:


This is the database file where Firefox 3.x stores all your Bookmarks and Fast Dial Information.

Make a copy of this file and paste it into your New Profile

Start Firefox and you should find that your Profile is working.

Small blue circle icon showing on the top left of a cell -how to remove

Many users of Fast Dial 2.x report seeing a small blue circle at the top left of a Fast Dial Cell

Untitled-1-2.png - Picamatic - upload your images

cell.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Often the user is unclear how to remove this item, or even what it's function is.

To remove the this blue circular icon all you need to do is to right click on the offending cell, which will take you to the Properties Menu.

Change the value in the "Refresh every" field to zero.

tiny.png - Picamatic - upload your images

This should have the effect of disabling the auto-refresh function for that cell.

The small blue icon should then no longer be visible.
It's function being to remind the user when the auto-refresh option is enabled for a cell.


It has been mentioned by spillz on Userlogos see
refresh symbol on thumbnails,
that for the user who wishes to make use of auto-refresh for a cell, that it would be a most welcome option to be able to inhibit the display of this refresh button.

While I can see the reason for displaying this button in the first place, it could clearly be argued that for the experienced user, once it is clear which cells were set to auto-refresh, that it would be a most welcome option to be able to hide the display of this button, as it's visual presence is quite intrusive.